ZTE's new fulcrum operating system joins the OpenCloudOS open source community initiated by Tencent: I hope a hundred flowers will bloom

Recently, ZTE New Pivot, as an initial member, announced to officially join the OpenCloudOS operating system open source community. The community was jointly initiated by Tencent and its partners. As a domestic open source operating system community, OpenCloudOS has accumulated the advantages of Tencent and many manufacturers in software and open source ecology. With solid support, it can equally and comprehensively support all hardware platforms. At the beginning of its establishment, OpenCloudOS decided to become a neutral community without vendor labels. In the future, it will become a member of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, hosted and supervised by the Foundation, and operate in a standard open source community model to maintain neutrality and openness. The community will also be run by Participating units share governance.

After more than ten years of research and development accumulation and unremitting innovation and development, ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has been built into a future-oriented intelligent general-purpose operating system, which integrates desktop mode, server mode, tablet mode, and supports multiple chip architectures (X86 , ARM, MIPS, LoongArch, etc.) platforms, realize the four major unifications of interactive experience, interfaces, components, and kernel versions, and provide a unified platform for different devices and scenarios. One operating system can meet the needs of various smart devices and scenarios, from commonly used laptops, all-in-ones, desktops, and tablets to dedicated smart terminals, smart cars, servers, edge computing, cloud computing platforms, digital Infrastructure, etc., allow different devices to use the same platform in different scenarios, solve the fragmentation of the operating system, and bring humanized interaction, concise and smooth, safe and reliable multi-scenario experience. 

ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has been shortlisted for central government procurement, central government procurement, and State Administration of Taxation procurement, and has passed the Ministry of Public Security's Level 4 security certification and CMMI Level 3 certification. , high-speed rail Fuxing, domestic Roewe automobiles, smart grid equipment and other places have been applied, widely used in government, electric power, transportation, finance, communications, education and other industries, and have been operating stably in more than 160 countries and regions around the world for more than 10 years.

Regarding joining the OpenCloudOS open source community this time, Cui Liming, general manager of the new fulcrum operating system product line, said: "The operating system is the foundation for building the digital world and the key to ensuring industrial information security. After more than ten years of innovation and research and development, the new fulcrum operation The system has changed from an open source user to an open source contributor or even a promoter. A single tree cannot grow into a forest, and a hundred flowers bloom together is more conducive to the prosperity and development of information industry security. The new fulcrum operating system is very happy to join and participate in the construction of the OpenCloudOS community , the new fulcrum operating system will actively join hands with major manufacturers to gather wisdom, promote, and jointly build the prosperity of the community to achieve win-win cooperation.”

As one of the main initiators of the OpenCloudOS community, Tencent will also work with partners to fully support the construction of the OpenCloudOS community based on its own technology accumulation and capabilities, and continue to invest funds and resources in the community to support the continuous research and development of the project and promote The prosperity and development of the community, together with member units to build a healthy and prosperous domestic operating system ecology.

The operating system is the core basic software, and its importance has been recognized in the industry. However, the limitations of the software ecology of domestic operating systems have always restricted the rapid development of domestic operating systems. Tencent has rich software ecological advantages and a large user base, while ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has research and development capabilities and technological innovations and has been established in the market. Mature applications, this powerful alliance is bound to have a strong impetus to the development of domestic operating systems, let us wait and see.

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