ROS Robot Operating System Open Source Community Report (August 2020)

Please refer to the official website for specific content. This article only selects part of the content:

1. Number of users

2. Function package download and use

Take ROS2 as an example, the usage in windows system has far exceeded the sum of Linux and MacOS!

The list of the most popular feature packs is as follows:

Currently the most used is melodic (more than 60%+):

Among them, the traditional PCx86-64 bits are the main ones, and the proportion of arm is very low:

ROS1 usage currently accounts for 80%:

The most used ubuntu platform is bionic:

Feature pack download ranking:

This picture is very interesting. Let's look at two data (0.6 and 0.06 among them), and compare the following picture:

Comparing the number of Wiki visitors with the number of users of the feature package, it can be seen that there is a huge gap! ! !

noetic accounted for >25%

Foxy accounted for >15%

The main content of the blog will be updated on noetic and foxy since June 2020!

For more details, please refer to the following documents


  • metrics-report-2020-07



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