The domestic operating system breaks through the siege, and ZTE's new fulcrum system announces: 300,000+, and releases the server model

  Recently, ZTE's new fulcrum operating system released the server mode, which is one of the three major modes (desktop, server, and tablet) of the new fulcrum operating system. The release of the server mode will solve the problem of operating system fragmentation and Add an important link.



  The new fulcrum operating system server model is mainly used on large computers, such as Web servers, application servers, database servers, virtualization servers, cloud computing platforms, digital infrastructure, etc. At the same time, it is also an important solution to the CentOS outage.


  In addition to releasing the server model of the new fulcrum operating system, ZTE also announced a number that made Chinese people excited: 300,000+, which is the number of users of the new fulcrum operating system in less than a year. The desktop mode of the new fulcrum operating system has been fully free and genuine for personal and business use. There are also many software to meet daily office and entertainment, such as QQ, WeChat, CAD, and even large-scale games, such as: CS, Dota2, etc. So it is reasonable to add so many users in less than a year.


  There is no doubt about ZTE’s research and development strength, and the domestic operating system of the new fulcrum is getting better and better. Please put aside the old ideas and stop doubting that the domestic operating system is no longer good. The domestic operating system has long been different from what it used to be. It's a matter of time before you get off the altar.

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