Netthink joins the Dragon Lizard community to build an open source operating system ecosystem

Recently, under the unanimous vote of the governing member units, Netthink Technology officially joined the OpenAnolis community, and jointly established the Dragon Anolis community with industry ecological partners to jointly create a unified Linux operating system platform that meets the support needs of multiple CPU architectures.

OpenAnolis is jointly initiated by leading operating systems, chips, and cloud computing companies at home and abroad. It is committed to building a domestic independent Linux open source distribution and open source innovation technology through open community cooperation, and promoting the prosperity of software, hardware and application ecology. . At present, many manufacturers such as China System and Inspur Cloud have joined the community construction.

As a leading digital-intelligence transformation expert in China, Netthink Technology relies on years of deep experience and technology accumulation in the operator industry and enterprise informatization, with the mission of "digital-intelligence transformation brings business value to customers", and is committed to using artificial intelligence. Information technologies such as intelligence, big data, and digital twins provide enterprises with digital and intelligent solutions, covering multiple application scenarios in industries such as finance, energy, operators, government, and manufacturing. Recognized by many top customers such as the power grid.

Netthink Technology advocates the two-wheel drive of "technical products + industry scenarios". Its product Alphamind AI capability open platform integrates multi-party cloud service capabilities, is compatible with commercial software and open source software, and supports deployment and operation in x86 and other heterogeneous resource environments. It has completed the adaptation and certification of several domestic chips, servers, operating systems, databases, and middleware of Huawei and Kirin, which is consistent with the vision of the Dragon Lizard community to achieve universal infrastructure covering all scenarios. 

Adhering to the principle of "come from open source, go to open source", after joining the community, Netsys Technology will, based on its own advantages, develop automated operation and maintenance systems, security compliance solutions, AIOps solutions, system security management, etc. Actively participate in the cooperation of the dragon lizard community, promote the open source ecological construction, deeply participate in the contribution of the open source community, release product capabilities, and accelerate the pace of digital transformation of Chinese enterprises with "Made in China".

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Join the dragon lizard community

Join WeChat group: Add community assistant - Dragon Lizard Community Xiaolong (WeChat: openanolis_assis), note [Dragon Lizard] to pull you into the group; join DingTalk group: scan the QR code of the DingTalk group below. Developers/users are welcome to join the OpenAnolis community to communicate, jointly promote the development of the OpenAnolis community, and create an active and healthy open source operating system ecosystem together!

About the Dragon Lizard Community

OpenAnolis is a non-profit open source community composed of enterprises, institutions, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, non-profit organizations, individuals , etc. on the basis of voluntary, equality, open source, and collaboration. The Dragon Lizard Community was established in September 2020 to build an open source, neutral and open Linux upstream distribution community and innovation platform.

The short-term goal is to develop Anolis OS as an alternative to CentOS and rebuild a distribution compatible with mainstream international Linux manufacturers. The medium and long-term goal is to explore and build a future-oriented operating system, establish a unified open source operating system ecosystem, incubate innovative open source projects, and prosper the open source ecosystem.

Longli OS 8.4 has been released, supports x86_64, ARM64, LoongArch architecture, and is fully compatible with Intel, Feiteng, Haiguang, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Loongson and other chips, and provides full-stack national secret support.

Welcome to download:

Join us in building an open source operating system for the future!

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