ZTE's new fulcrum operating system Xinchuang full-stack localization solution

In order to fully demonstrate the latest achievements in the development of Xinchuang, application demonstration cases with strong innovation, strong industry driving force and great market potential in the subdivided areas of Xinchuang are selected, so as to tap and establish industry benchmarks in the field of Xinchuang, and promote upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain Coordinated development, promote the deepening and solidification of information technology application innovation. On May 8, 2023, the review results of the "2022-2023 Information Technology Application Innovation List" organized by the Information Observation Network and the Information Technology Application Innovation List Organizing Committee were officially announced. The new fulcrum operating system has successfully won the honor of "Excellent Product of Xinchuang" due to its outstanding performance in the wide application in the field of Xinchuang.

"2022-2023 Information Technology Application Innovation List", as the authoritative list of China's credit innovation industry, undertakes the important mission of digging into the innovation value of the industry, integrating new applications of the innovation chain, and witnessing the digital upgrade of thousands of industries.

The list has received widespread attention and strong support from all walks of life, and more than 200 Xinchuang-related companies across the country participated.

Advantages of the Xinchuang full-stack solution for the new fulcrum operating system

Efficiency increase and cost reduction: The new fulcrum operating system innovates and creates 3+1+N concept products. One operating system can meet the needs of various smart devices and scenarios. A set of OS architecture supports full core, and one-time development of ecological interoperability and mutual sharing, Greatly reduce platform maintenance management and application development costs.

Security and stability: The new fulcrum operating system has industrial-level security and stability. It has won the China Industry Award and has passed the fourth-level certification of the Ministry of Public Security's security operating system.

Full-stack localization and lightweight: The new fulcrum operating system fully adapts to domestic chips, and performs targeted optimization for domestic software and hardware, saves operating computing power, and greatly improves fluency and response speed.

Open and win-win: The desktop mode of the new pivot operating system has been used for daily office or development, and has been fully authorized for free. The code of the new pivot desktop environment is all open source.

The development of Xinchuang industry is the key to the digital transformation of the national economy and the promotion of the development of the industrial chain, and the core base for the development of technological innovation. The new fulcrum operating system will continue to innovate and enrich solutions, provide more stable, safe, and reliable intelligent support and guarantee for the digital transformation of governments and enterprises, help the construction of a high-quality ecosystem for the Xinchuang industry, and promote the domestic digital ecosystem with industry events building.

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