NetEase Shufan Curve joins PolarDB open source database community

Introduction: The Curve community signed the Alibaba Open Source CLA (Contribution License Agreement), officially joining hands with the Alibaba Cloud PolarDB open source database community.

The Curve community signed the Alibaba Open Source CLA (Contribution License Agreement), officially joining hands with the Alibaba Cloud PolarDB open source database community.

PolarDB for PostgreSQL is a cloud-native database product independently developed by Alibaba Cloud and officially announced as open source in May 2021. At the Open Source PolarDB Enterprise Architecture Conference on March 2, 2022, Alibaba Cloud gave a comprehensive interpretation of the architecture design of PolarDB for PostgreSQL, including the separation of storage and computing.

It is 100% compatible with PostgreSQL, adopts a shared storage-based storage and computing separation architecture, has extreme flexibility, millisecond-level delay, supports HTAP capabilities, and supports multi-modal innovative features such as space-time, GIS, image, vector, search, and graph, which can cope with enterprise The demands on data processing are changing with each passing day.

1. Extreme elasticity: Both storage and computing power can be scaled horizontally independently.

○ When the computing power is not enough, the computing cluster can be expanded independently, and the data does not need to be replicated.

○ When storage capacity or I/O is insufficient, the storage cluster can be expanded independently without business interruption.

2. Millisecond delay:

○ WAL logs are stored on shared storage, and only WAL metadata is replicated from RW to all ROs.

○ The original LogIndex technology realizes Lazy playback and Parallel playback, which theoretically minimizes the delay between RW and RO nodes.

3. HTAP capability: The distributed parallel execution framework based on Shared-Storage accelerates OLAP queries in OLTP scenarios. A set of OLTP data can support 2 sets of calculation engines:

○ Stand-alone execution engine: handles highly concurrent TP-type loads.

○ Distributed Execution Engine: AP-type workload for handling large queries.

PolarDB for PostgreSQL adopts a shared-storage-based storage-computing separation architecture to greatly improve resource utilization and performance, and to quickly and flexibly respond to sudden business load scenarios. As a PolarDB technology partner, Curve provides high-performance, stable and reliable distributed shared storage for the PolarDB for PostgreSQL cloud-native database based on the Shared-Storage storage-computing separation architecture, and jointly promotes the prosperity and development of the open source cloud-native basic software ecosystem.

Introducing the Curve Community

Curve is a cloud-native software-defined storage system independently designed, developed and open sourced by NetEase Shufan. Curve was officially open sourced in July 2020, and currently consists of two sub-projects, CurveBS and CurveFS, which provide block storage and file storage capabilities respectively.

The Curve open source project has been awarded the OSCAR peak open source project and open source community of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and passed the evaluation of the trusted open source project, and the Curve community is also the first official member of the Trusted Open Source Community (TWOS) led by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

After joining the Alibaba Cloud PolarDB open source database community, it will give full play to its own product technology and market advantages in key areas, explore cooperation with the PolarDB open source database community, and join forces with community partners to consolidate technologies and innovate together to create an open source database for PolarDB. The community builds ecological construction and contributes to win-win development!

PolarDB源码仓库地址:GitHub - ApsaraDB/PolarDB-for-PostgreSQL: "POLARDB_11_STABLE" is the stable branch which is based on PostgreSQL 11.9. It supports compute-storage separation architecture. The "distributed" branch, which supports distributed architecture.

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