Dealing with Huawei Hongmeng? The first national production operating system is released, ZTE's new fulcrum system and Tencent have joined forces

On June 22, at the 2022 OpenCloudOS Community Open Day initiated by Tencent, the domestic open source operating system OpenCloudOS officially released the first source community (L1) project and the first full software package (L3) version, and disclosed its technology research and development roadmap . This means that the operating system will become my country's first server operating system with full-link localization capabilities, which can provide domestic enterprises with independent and controllable upstream versions and software supply versions that meet enterprise-level stability requirements.

 We all know that the operating system is the core of basic software and the underlying technology necessary for technology research and development. Previously, my country's operating system industry has been in a state of "many, small, and scattered" for a long time, and the operating system has also become one of the key technologies for my country's "stuck neck". As competition in the technology industry continues to intensify, China faces the risk of being blocked and suppressed in the field of basic software.

On the OpenCloudOS Community Open Day, Xu Lifeng, Chief Engineer of ZTE Operating System Products and a member of the Operating System Expert Committee, said that the OpenCloudOS community can concentrate the advantages of the operating system to solve industry application problems.

 As one of the founding members of the OpenCloudOS community, ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has been built into a future-oriented intelligent general-purpose operating system, which integrates desktop mode, server mode, and tablet mode, and supports all domestic chips. ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has It has been shortlisted for the central government procurement, central government procurement, and State Administration of Taxation procurement, and has passed the Ministry of Public Security's four-level security certification and CMMI three-level certification. The cumulative shipments have exceeded 200 million sets. Roewe automobiles, power grid smart equipment and other core fields in my country have been applied.

 As one of the main initiators of the OpenCloudOS community, Tencent has a massive application ecology and user base. Tencent said that based on its own technology accumulation and capabilities, it will work with partners to fully support the construction of the OpenCloudOS community and continue to invest in the community. and resources to support the continuous development of the project.

According to statistics, the installed capacity of the OpenCloudOS community and derivative versions has exceeded 10 million units, covering 12 major industries such as banking, insurance, and securities.

ZTE's new fulcrum operating system and Tencent's strong alliance this time is bound to have a strong impetus to the development of domestic operating systems. This time, the full-stack domestic operating system has also been released for the first time. Under this trend, there are reasons to believe that domestic operating systems The barriers of Western countries will be completely crushed in the near future.

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