During this time a lot of news about Huawei obscurity of the operating system, expected in October will use Huawei obscurity on some phone systems, replace the current Android system, no longer controlled by others. But before obscurity future, ZTE has developed a new fulcrum operating system has taken the first step, formally nominated ××× information technology product procurement list.

ZTE's new fulcrum system is composed of ZTE Guangdong New Pivot Technology Development Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2004, is a wholly owned subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, the Guangdong Provincial Public Service Linux technical support center operating entity, is a focus on OS-based infrastructure software development and CPI broadband Internet of things solutions for professional and technical companies plan to offer.


ZTE's new fulcrum has a server operating system, embedded operating system, desktop operating systems, high availability clustering software, backup software, collaborative wisdom Gateway (ICG), collaborative network adapter (NCA) and other products, with a complete CPI broadband connection of things platform solution provides the ability for products and solutions widely used in government, power, finance, telecommunications, education and other industries. China is the first to provide broadband Internet of Things solutions company, it is one of China's open-source Linux software technology the most powerful units.


It is worth mentioning that, after Guangdong Zhongxing New Pivot Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhao Xinxin Semiconductor tripartite rigorous testing, the fulcrum of the new carrier-class server operating system (CGSL), Katherine core ZX-C, ZX-D, ZX-E series CPU can run jointly stable, mutually compatible.

But as ZTE executives said, the application adaptation of domestic operating system is OS core challenge that requires long-term process.

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