[Dromara's new open source project] Mendmix joins the Dromara open source community

About the Author

  • 15-year IT Internet veteran, familiar with microservices, k8s, cloud-native architecture and various distributed architectures, responsible for the construction of technology middle-stage and enterprise cloud implementation for many large companies;
  • In 2021, he was awarded the top ten outstanding practitioners of distributed databases. This award is jointly selected by CSDN, Geekbang, Sifu, Open Source China, 51CTO, Nuggets, and Mulan open source communities.

About Mendmix

The first version released in 2015 has been named Jeesuite-libsand has been used for a long time. It is positioned as a tool-type software, and it is premised that each module can be used completely independently. After nearly 8 years of development and tempering in the process of technology middle-stage, digital transformation, and enterprise cloud migration of many large companies, the customization has become higher and higher, and Jeesuite-libsthe original discrete points have become a logically complete surface. A complete set of distributed cloud-native architecture solutions. Based on this shift Jeesuite-libsno longer suiting our direction of development, it is now renamed Mendmix. At present Mendmix, a set of capabilities including business gateways, security frameworks, database capabilities, caches, message middleware, distributed timing tasks, and the ability to integrate various cloud services and various third-party middleware have been deposited. In Mendmixorder to meet the requirements of lightweight and high scalability during the development process, we continue to choose and integrate, and we have achieved the autonomy of many core components. MendmixThe following is the overall structure based on the construction of a national TOP5 education company :

Our advantage

out of the box

MendmixHaving experienced the implementation of complex business scenarios of many large companies, it has become a complete set of logical solutions that can be used out of the box. An enterprise-level distributed architecture can be built with minimal learning cost and without paying attention to specific technical details.

Minimum runtime dependencies

At present, the overall architecture does not rely on any third-party frameworks except relying on world-class mainstream frameworks such as: Spring /Spring Cloud, Mybatis, etc. Such as distributed timing tasks, database access enhancement, authentication and authorization, etc. are fully implemented independently. In the process of actual project implementation, in order to reduce the transformation cost of some historical projects, we also provide the seamless integration capability of some excellent frameworks of the same kind. For example, you only need to introduce the Mapper3 dependency package, and it will adaptively use Mapper3 as the mybais enhancement framework.

Cloud native support

In Mendmixthe process of development, it has just caught up with the golden age of enterprise digital transformation and cloud migration. At present, we seamlessly support the service discovery and configuration center capabilities of Nacos, Apollo and K8S; at the same time, considering compatibility with different public clouds to maximize performance requirements, we also support a set of codes to adapt to Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and other mainstream cloud vendors' clouds Serve.

future plan

In the future Mendmix, it will continue to adhere to the concept of "integration, enhancement, inclusiveness, and self-consistency", and will continue to be compatible with various excellent frameworks to meet different development needs. One person can go fast, and a group of people can go further. This is also the original intention of Mendmixjoining the dromaraopen source community. In the future, I hope to integrate and support each other with brother projects to create better products and serve us better. User.

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