Tuoshupai joins the open source community of the Dragon Lizard operating system to create a diverse data base

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Recently, Hangzhou Tuoshupai Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tuoshupai", also known as "OpenPie") officially signed the CLA contributor license agreement and joined the Dragon Li community (OpenAnolis).

Tuosupai is a high-tech innovation-driven enterprise based on the domestic basic data computing field. As one of the few Day-1 quasi-unicorns in this field in China, it is committed to building the next generation of cloud-native databases in the digital-native era by using breakthrough computing theories, original cloud-native database flagship products, and above-mentioned algorithms and mathematical models. The cutting-edge standards of the data platform drive enterprises to achieve continuous advancement from "software company" to "data company" and then to "mathematics company", accelerating digital transformation and upgrading.

PieCloudDB, the flagship product of Tuoshupai, adopts leading data warehouse virtualization technology to open up multi-cloud data pipelines, expand and shrink data computing resources on demand, improve the agility and elasticity of data warehouses, and help enterprises reduce the complexity of data warehouse management. While PieCloudDB realizes an order-of-magnitude increase in the computable data space, it also reduces the cost of the data warehouse by an order of magnitude, opens up unlimited data computing space, and promotes AI/BI to the next level of accuracy; eMPP distributed patented technology, serverless (Serverless) and TDE (transparent Data encryption) and other core technologies, build a cloud-native virtual data warehouse with high security, high reliability, and high online "rock-solid" for enterprises, helping enterprises maximize data value, better empower business development and Go green and become a model for the new generation of AI data computing infrastructure. At present, PieCloudDB has accumulated a number of seed users in industries such as finance, medical care, automobile and manufacturing, and its products have received high attention and recognition from the industry and users.

Tuosupai COO Lu Gongyu said: "Tuoshupai always adheres to the concept of 'openness, mutual trust, and win-win cooperation', and actively creates a rich community ecology. In the future, we will join hands with the Dragon Lizard community to bring users the most cutting-edge technology in the field of databases , to meet the diverse data analysis needs of users, and strive to empower all industries with 'data computing', and create value for customers together!"

Han Lei, director of the Longli community, said: "Tuoshupai has developed very rapidly since its establishment. Its product PieCloudDB can help users improve the agility and flexibility of data warehouses, and reduce the cost of data warehouses by orders of magnitude. I believe Tuoshupai and Longli community Working together can help more companies increase the value of data in the digital age and accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Today, Tuosupai has completed compatibility and mutual certification tests with basic software manufacturers such as Kylin Software, Tongxin Software, Longli Community, Zhongke Controllable, Zhaoxin, Haiguang, and Boyun Technology. Tuoshupai is committed to continuously improving the ecological partner network, communicating and cooperating with manufacturers in various fields, jointly promoting the development of database technology, and building an open, shared and sustainable database ecology.

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