A new breakthrough in the domestic operating system, ZTE's new fulcrum OS release server model

  In recent years, with the advancement of localization of basic software and hardware, domestic operating systems have developed rapidly. Recently, ZTE’s new pivot operating system officially released the server mode, which is the three major modes of the new pivot operating system (desktop, server, Tablet), the release of the server mode will add an important part to solving the fragmentation of the operating system.

   ZTE’s new fulcrum operating system has released a new version since Double 11 last year, claiming to create an innovative concept of 3+1+N, that is, 3 modes (desktop mode, server mode, tablet mode), 1 core (microkernel), N In various scenarios, only one operating system can meet the needs of various smart devices, from commonly used laptops, all-in-one computers, desktops, tablets, to dedicated smart terminals, smart cars, servers, edge computing, and cloud computing platforms , digital infrastructure, etc., allowing different devices in different scenarios to use the same platform to solve the fragmentation of the operating system, which is a major innovation of the operating system.

   The new fulcrum operating system server mode is a platform-level server operating system for building an intelligent digital infrastructure environment. It supports all national/crypto algorithms and transparent encrypted file systems. It has qualitatively improved security and reliability, enabling my country's information security has been guaranteed, and comprehensive optimization and enhancements have been made for domestic software, hardware and domestic chips to better help the development of the domestic information industry technology system.

   On January 31 this year, CentOS8 stopped updating. Due to its characteristics of open source, free, stable, and good hardware compatibility, CentOS is favored by manufacturers and developers in China and even the world. It has a wide range of applications, which means that the security of CentOS will continue There is no guarantee that many Chinese companies that rely on CentOS have to change their "route", and the server mode of the new pivot operating system just solves this difficulty.

  According to the official information of ZTE New Fulcrum, since the new version of the New Fulcrum operating system was released on Double 11 last year and the desktop mode was fully free and genuine, in less than a year, there have been more than 300,000 users. Following this trend, going forward Finally, in terms of operating systems, we can gradually reduce our dependence on foreign technology products.

  ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has already been widely used in high-speed rail Fuxing, State Grid, domestic Roewe smart cars and other places. The server mode release of ZTE's new fulcrum OS will open the "acceleration" for the innovation and development of domestic operating systems. I believe that in the near future In the future, information technology systems based on Chinese operating systems and chips will gradually enter all walks of life.

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