This core technology joins the openKylin open source community

guide According to recent news, according to the official public account of this core technology, this core technology has signed the openKylin community CLA (Contributor License Agreement Contributor License Agreement) and officially joined the openKylin open source community.

This core technology joins the openKylin open source communityThis core technology joins the openKylin open source community

Founded in 2021, this core technology is a technology company focusing on the design and development of intelligent CPU chips and energy-efficient computing solutions.

The official stated that this core technology chip product adopts a multi-core heterogeneous architecture, "the overall energy efficiency ratio is high, and the interface is rich, which can fully adapt to the diverse scene requirements of the end and side, and provide high-quality solutions for personal computing, vehicle computing, and metaverse infrastructure. Energy-efficient and intelligent general-purpose computing power."

This core technology said that after joining the openKylin community, this core technology will give full play to its own technology and resource advantages, and jointly promote the software and hardware standardization of Arm PC with community ecological partners, accelerate the technological development of Linux desktop graphics systems and AI software frameworks, and  build  Linux The innovative ecology of the integrated development of desktop operating systems and Arm-based energy-efficient smart chips brings users a better product experience.

The openKylin (Open Kylin) community aims to take co-creation as the core, and build a partner ecosystem with enterprises in an open source and open manner on the basis of open source, voluntariness, equality, and collaboration. Promote the prosperity and development of Linux open source technology and its software and hardware ecology.


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