Create a complete data ecosystem, "open, mutual trust, win-win cooperation": Tuoshupai appeared at the 2023 Dragon Lizard Operating System Conference

Tuoshupai has always adhered to the concept of "openness, mutual trust, and win-win cooperation". By actively establishing an ecological network of partners, building ecological tools, and creating an active technology and user community, we have built a more complete data ecosystem to bring users More convenient use experience. On December 17-18, 2023, the 2023 Dragon Lizard Operating System Conference, guided by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation and hosted by the Dragon Lizard Community, was grandly held at the Jiarui Cultural Center in Beijing. Invited by the ecological partner Dragon Lizard Community, Tuoshupai was also invited to participate in this conference and deliver a speech.

As a leader in the field of domestic cloud databases and data computing, Tuoshupai takes "Data Computing for New Discoveries" as its mission. Its large-model data computing system (PieDataComputingSystem, abbreviation: πDataCS), With its groundbreaking theories and disruptive technologies, it has built an AI data base for users in industries such as finance, manufacturing, medical care, and education.

Openness, mutual trust, win-win cooperation

Tuoshupai's large model data computing system πDataCS provides enterprises with more freedom of choice with its excellent software and hardware compatibility. In addition to being perfectly ecologically compatible with PostgreSQL/Greenplum ecological components, it is also naturally compatible with federated queries of external heterogeneous data sources.

At present, πDataCS has completed the compatibility certification of many domestic mainstream basic software and hardware. In terms of hardware, πDataCS is compatible with a variety of domestic operating systems such as Dragon Lizard, Kirin, and Tongxin. It supports domestic CPUs such as Haiguang and Zhaoxin, and also supports Zhongke’s controllable servers. In terms of software, it is compatible with Boyun Technology’s container cloud platform and Shanxi. Yan Data’s distributed object storage system and XSKY Xingchentianhe’s distributed storage products. πDataCS will be fully adapted to mainstream domestic basic software to ensure that users can exert optimal performance in different system environments and easily respond to diverse enterprise needs.

In addition to product ecological construction, Tuoshupai has also been actively participating in the construction of community ecology through speeches and evangelism, and has maintained friendly cooperative relations with many industry partners.

Today, guided by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, hosted by the Dragon Lizard Community, and co-organized by 24 governing units including Alibaba Cloud, Inspur Information, Arm, Intel, ZTE, and Tongxin Software, the theme is "Cloud-Intelligence Integration·Building a Future Together" "The 2023 Dragon Lizard Operating System Conference concluded successfully. The responsible comrades of the Information Development Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration attended and delivered speeches. Chen Zuoning, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former vice president, Mei Hong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chairman of CCF, and professor of Peking University, Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Department of Informatics of Zhejiang University, Shi Yuanchun, professor of Tsinghua University and president of Qinghai University, Gong Min, China’s Linux pioneer, Liu Jianwei, dean and professor of Beihang University’s Cyber ​​Security Institute, Sun Wenlong, chairman of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, Vice President of Alibaba Group and General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Division Jiang Jiangwei and other leaders, academicians, experts, and executives made a grand appearance and shared with more than 300 companies and more than a thousand developers the Longli community’s thoughts on improving the influence and international contribution of China’s open source software, and discussed cloud intelligence How to collaborate to create a golden era of Chinese operating systems under the wave of integration. Invited by the ecological partner Dragon Lizard Community, Tuoshupai brought πDataCS to the first Dragon Lizard Operating System Conference.

Wu Jiang, product marketing director of Tuoshupai, delivered a keynote speech at the conference's "Comprehensive Embracing the Intelligent Computing Era" sub-forum: "Cloud-native large-model data computing system compatible with Dragon Lizard: πDataCS". In his speech , Wu Jiang focused on introducing The product value of πDataCS, through comparison with Hadoop, highlights the technical and architectural advantages of πDataCS.

Currently, πDataCS supports three major computing engines: cloud-native virtual data warehouse PieCloudDB Database, cloud-native vector database PieCloudVector and cloud-native large model machine learning engine PieCloudML. It also provides public cloud version, community version, enterprise version and all-in-one machine for the domestic market. The version is adapted to the domestic information innovation environment and meets the needs of enterprises in different business scenarios.

In the future, Tuoshupai will continue to build product ecology, community ecology and business ecology, build a co-creation and win-win ecosystem, let large model technology fully empower industry AI scenario applications, and create greater value for enterprises and society.

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