The Dragon Lizard Community Standardization SIG held an offline community standards seminar to help the development of open source community standards

On the afternoon of August 11, the Dragon Lizard Community Standardization SIG organized an offline MeetUp meeting, with participants from Alibaba Cloud, Inspur Information, Intel, CSDN, China Unicom Software Research Institute, Red Flag Software, ZTE | ZTE New Pivot, Zhongke Shuguang, Zhongke More than 30 experts from Fangde, Tongxin Software, Loongson, Shanghai Zhaoxin, Kirin Software, Wanlihong, Puhua Basic Software, Feiteng Information and other companies attended the meeting.

This meeting was hosted by Inspur Information Dragon Lizard Joint Laboratory. At the meeting, the draft community standard "Server Operating System Hardware Compatibility Requirements" was released, and the draft community standard "Server Operating System Quality Testing Requirements" was introduced and discussed. , Dragon Lizard Community Standardization SIG helps the standardization development of open source communities.


Liu Dapeng, head of the Long Lizard Community Standardization SIG and director of the Standardization Department of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group, gave an opening speech: "The Standardization SIG combines open source and standards and proposes community standards. Standards themselves are a science, delineating standards, standardizing conventions, and information The key to the development of the field, and more importantly for standards, is co-construction. The positioning of the standardization SIG is to connect the past and the next, standardize and precipitate technology, form a dragon lizard community standard and implement it in the community, and then export it to the industry to contribute to the development of the industry. Subsequent standardization SIG will continue to develop a series of community standards, and we hope that everyone will participate in standards discussions and actively co-construct."


At the meeting, Xu Guozhen, Inspur Information Cloud Server Operating System R&D Manager, interpreted the community standard "Server Operating System Hardware Compatibility Requirements". Xu Guozhen said: "The southbound ecology is the core guarantee for the stable operation of the server operating system. To this end, the community standardization SIG took the lead in formulating the hardware compatibility requirements for the server operating system. Inspur Information Dragon Lizard Joint Laboratory actively participates in the construction of community hardware compatibility standardization. We hope to incubate more hardware compatibility test cases and scenarios and promote the healthy and stable development of the Dragon Lizard operating system ecosystem."


Hardware Compatibility SIG Maintainer Wu Chaofeng introduced Ancert, the hardware compatibility testing tool of the Dragon Lizard Community. Wu Chaofeng introduced the steps for using the hardware compatibility testing tool Ancert, as well as the test case submission and review process. He also explained the requirements for version selection, configuration and driver of Dragon Lizard OS during hardware compatibility testing, as well as the requirements for hardware compatibility testing. Answered the frequently asked questions and stated that Ancert has been open sourced to the Gitee platform, and everyone is welcome to participate in the co-construction of hardware compatibility testing tools.


Tian Yanhui, head of Loongson Ecology, shared Loongson’s work in hardware ecological construction. Tian Yanhui affirmed the importance of southbound testing of server operating systems, gave examples of hardware compatibility problems encountered in the practice of Loongson industry, and expressed his strong agreement with the concept of combining open source and standards, and then introduced Loongson’s role in international open source organizations Ideas for conducting open source ecological work with the community, as well as standard construction work for the Loongson processor ecosystem.


Liu Changsheng, senior engineer of Alibaba Cloud System Testing, introduced the community standard "Server Operating System Quality Testing Requirements". Liu Changsheng introduced the quality test matrix and quality testing ideas of the Dragon Lizard Community Server Operating System, and interpreted the "Server Operating System Quality Test Requirements". The purpose of formulating this standard is to ensure the quality of the Dragon Lizard Community Server Operating System Community Edition and meet the requirements requirements of various industries. At the same time, we hope to co-create a testing system with everyone, provide test cases, improve testing requirements, and complement the standards.


Li Xiaoping, head of Foundry Solutions, shared the work of Founded in server operating system products. Li Xiaoping introduced Zhongke Founder's server distribution products, as well as Zhongke Founder's next work at Dragon Lizard: it will contribute desktop capabilities to the community, adapt to Dragon Lizard operating system, submit images to the official website, and create open source code Warehouse, incubate open source projects, establish SIG groups for communication, and increase investment in open source in the Dragon Lizard community.

​In the summary discussion session, Dragon Lizard Community Director Yang Jiguo said: "National standards are supervision, community standards are consensus, and the starting points are different. The joint construction of Dragon Lizard community standards is in line with the idea of ​​open source. To improve the ecological differentiation of Linux, Long Lizard The Lizard Community Standard is a great opportunity. I hope that the Lizard Community Standard can be done well in the community so that everyone can reach a consensus, jointly understand the value, and influence the industry."

Finally, special thanks to Inspur Information for its support in standard writing and preparatory meetings, to all the guests for sharing, and to the operating committee members of the Dragon Lizard Community: Zhang Xufang, Cai Jiali, Jin Meiqin, Sun Linlin, Zhang Mengyao, Cui Kai, Yuan Yantao and others for their organization With your cooperation and hard work, this meetingup of the Dragon Lizard Community Standardization SIG & Inspur Information Dragon Lizard Joint Laboratory came to a successful conclusion.

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