The first domestic web engine SIG in the field of government affairs was established! Dragon Lizard joins forces with Ruite Technology to create a new generation of Web architecture

Recently, at the Dragon Lizard Community Technical Committee, all technical committee members voted to approve the project application of the Web Engine SIG (Special Interest Group) group submitted by Rutech Technology. The SIG team engine is the first web engine in China that focuses on government software applications . The team will also be committed to the research and development and innovation of web-related technologies, including web engines, web tools, web components, browsers, etc. Based on this, Dragon Lizard will join forces with Rutech Technology to create a new generation of Web architecture.

As the underlying basic software of the modern IT system, the Web engine has strong ecological and strategic value. Rutech's world-first "microkernel + plug-in" Web engine architecture is a major breakthrough in the underlying technical architecture. It can not only better adapt to the complex and changing application scenarios in the modern government affairs field, but also is an improvement on traditional Web engines. A revolutionary disruption.

It is worth mentioning that the Dragon Lizard Web Engine SIG group is led by IEEE Fellow Professor Tang Yuanyan . Professor Tang is a world-renowned scientist in the field of pattern recognition and graphics and image processing. He has published more than 600 papers in various top international academic journals, with more than 20,000 citations. At the same time, he also holds honorary positions in many domestic and international academic organizations, such as: founding chairman of the IEEE SMC Pattern Recognition Technical Committee, National Natural Science Foundation of China reviewer (team leader), Yangtze Scholars reviewer, and executive director of the Chinese Society of Automation, etc. Many of his academic research results have been widely used in front-line fields such as AI machine vision and graphics and image signal analysis.

This time, the Web Engine SIG group established by Dragon Lizard Community and Rutech Technology is a milestone for Rutech Technology to technically challenge global giants and create a new generation of Web rendering engine architecture. This fully illustrates the impact of Web engines on modern operating systems . The necessity and rigidity also show that Dragon Lizard is forward-looking in exploring cutting-edge technologies .


SIG project

Qingshuang engine (QINGSHUANG)

Heavy incubation: It will be used as the key incubation project of this SIG to create a benchmark entrepreneurial project.

Technical verification: The total number of clients running exceeds 100 million.

Technical form:

  • The most extreme microkernel MicroKernel architecture in China.

  • Plug-in.

  • Smart scaling web engine.

  • Distributed web engine design.

Performance indicators:

  • Volume: 1/10.

  • Performance: Flat.

  • Web compatibility: 90%.

  • It is currently the world's lightest web engine.

Although Rutech Technology is founded on technology, it does not just stay at the technical level, but has in-depth thinking and exploration of the entire software industry. The business model of software, especially basic software, is a global problem. Most of them are forced to adopt open source, try to expand the influence of the industry in an open source way, and abandon "making money" to try a "valuable" business direction. The Rute team has always believed that making money and being valuable are not contradictory sides. In essence, both require solid technology and a wide range of users (clients) as a foundation.

After long-term practice and research, Rutech Technology has proposed the "ecological integration" strategy, which adopts the spirit of craftsmanship internally, lays a solid foundation, and has a broad external layout to integrate vertically and horizontally. Actively embrace the existing technology ecology, actively integrate into the existing technology ecology, and integrate -build-change . The three-step strategy gradually realizes the extension and expansion to the upstream and downstream of the industry, and ultimately creates its own technical barriers and ecology.

As the leading root operating system technology community in China, the Dragon Lizard Community fully agrees with the development strategy of Rutech Technology and is willing to actively assist Rutech Technology as a partner to develop and expand the Web engine architecture . I believe that through the joint efforts of both parties, we will surely develop and implement a new generation of technology architecture, accelerating the faster integration of the Rutech engine in the industrial ecosystem.

Professor Tang Yuanyan said: "The Dragon Lizard Community Web Engine SIG is committed to using open source co-construction to create a new form, lightweight, microkernel Web engine. Open source colleagues in the industry are very welcome to join and build the most influential Web in China and even internationally. Projects and communities.”

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