Red Flag Software officially releases the Dragon Lizard Community Edition, a domestically produced high-reliability operating system

Recently, Beijing Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Red Flag Software"), as the governing unit of the Dragon Lizard community, officially released a Dragon Lizard Community Edition operating system——Red Flag Anolis Linux V8.5 after a long period of polishing. To provide users with safe, stable, high-performance, and highly reliable operating systems, and further promote the prosperity and development of domestic operating systems.

The Red Flag Anolis Linux V8.5 version released this time has breakthroughs in the kernel, security management, system management, etc., as follows:

01 Supported CPU architecture




sea ​​light


Hygon C86 7185 32-core Process



Zhaoxin KH-37800D

The servers that have been verified and supported by the kernel are listed above, and support for other servers will be gradually added in the future.

02 Red Flag Anolis Linux V8.5 Features

1. The kernel uses the long-term stable version of 4.19.91-26

  • ext4 delalloc buffer read/write performance optimization.

  • livepatch adds static key support.

  • perf c2c function support.

  • Provide richer new RAID driver support.

  • virtio-net supports XDP Socket.

  • Community self-developed Slab memory safe recovery feature support.

  • Some new security features were introduced, using enhanced virtual memory isolation and KASLR random kernel space layout, etc.

  • Added BBR congestion control algorithm, which can improve the throughput of TCP connections.

  • Some containerization enhancements have been added, such as full support for cgroup v2, support for user namespaces, container networking and storage enhancements, etc.

2. Safety management

  • Secure boot: The system adopts UEFI firmware interface and supports secure boot function. When the computer starts, UEFI will check the signature of the system startup program, and only the trusted startup program will be loaded, thus avoiding the risk of malicious tampering of the startup program.

  • Secure connection: The system supports the SSL/TLS security protocol, which can encrypt network connections to protect data from being stolen or tampered with during transmission. At the same time, Red Flag Anolis Linux V8.5 also supports the IPSec protocol, which can encrypt and authenticate data at the network level.

  • Security management: The system provides a wealth of security management tools, including SELinux, firewall, intrusion detection system, etc. Among them, SELinux is a mandatory access control mechanism that can fine-grained control system resources and prevent malicious processes from abusing system resources. A firewall can restrict network connections and protect the system from network attacks. The intrusion detection system can monitor the operating status of the system in real time, discover and respond to possible security threats in time.

  • Security hardening: The system provides a series of security hardening measures, including disabling unnecessary services, changing default passwords, closing unnecessary ports, etc. These measures can effectively reduce the attack surface of the system and improve the security of the system.

  • Security audit: The system supports system log recording and auditing functions, which can record key operations and events of the system, and facilitate traceability and auditing of security events. At the same time, the system also supports a security event alarm and response mechanism, which can promptly alarm and respond when a security event is discovered.

3. System management

Provides many management tools such as disk management, network management, user management, log management, system update, process management, system monitoring, etc., which can facilitate users to understand the operating status of the system and find system failures and bottlenecks.

4. Software upgrade

  • With the new version of Podman, it is easy to manage containers and provide a more convenient experience.

  • By default, Wayland is used as the display server, which provides better graphics performance and a safer graphics environment.

  • Cockpit is installed by default to help administrators manage servers more easily.

  • Upgraded to newer versions of GCC and Clang, providing better performance and better C++ support.

  • Bash has been updated to version 4.4, which provides new functionality and language features.

  • PHP has been upgraded to version 8, offering better performance and new features.

  • MariaDB has been upgraded to version 10 with better performance.

  • Git was upgraded to version 2.31.

5. High availability and clustering

Supports GFS2 (Global File System), a tool for implementing distributed file systems. GFS2 can share a file system among multiple nodes and provide high availability and scalability.

Keepalived is a high availability solution based on VRRP protocol. Applications and services can be monitored and automatically switched to alternate servers if they fail.

6. Virtualization update

  • Upgrade to a new version of QEMU, which is an open source software for virtualization and supports multiple virtualization technologies.

  • Libvirt is updated to version 8.0, which can manage multiple virtualization technologies, including KVM, Xen, and VirtualBox, etc., to provide a better virtualization management experience.

  • Support Virtual Data Optimizer technology, which can reduce the storage requirements of virtual machines and improve storage efficiency and performance.

  • Improved live migration of virtual machines for faster and more reliable migration of virtual machines to other nodes.

Shi Guang'an, vice president of Red Flag Software and director of the Dragon Lizard community, said: "The release of Red Flag Anolis Linux V8.5 means that Dragon Lizard is more abundant in the domestic basic software ecosystem, and it will further boost the prosperity and development of domestic operating systems."

Up to now, more than ten companies, including Alibaba Cloud, Tongxin Software, China Mobile, and Zhongke Fangde, have released commercial versions based on the Dragon Lizard operating system to provide users with efficient and professional technical support and services. It is widely used in key business scenarios in industries such as finance, communications, government affairs, energy, and transportation, helping seamless migration of business systems and ensuring the security and continuity of IT systems.

RedFlag Anolis Linux V8.5 download link:

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