Dianke Shentai joined the Dragon Lizard community and became a governing unit to create a new future of basic software and hardware ecology

Recently, with the approval of the Dragon Lizard Community Council, CLP Keshentai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Electronics Shentai") officially joined the Dragon Lizard community and became a governing unit .

Dianke Shentai is a semiconductor enterprise with core integrated circuit research and development and industrialization capabilities, basic software and hardware independent development capabilities, and basic software and hardware in-depth adaptation and optimization capabilities. It has a complete technical support team and can provide users with chip-level application support , public board development, system-level solutions and software services, independently built the "Shenwei" industry chain and ecosystem, providing independent and easy-to-use processors for cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, network security and other fields.

Since its establishment, Dianke Shentai has been committed to the design, production, sales and service of high-performance processor products "Shenwei". At present, it has developed Shenwei 121, Shenwei 421, Shenwei 1621, Weiyan 831, Weixin 3231, etc. Processor products are widely used in finance, electric power, transportation, education, medical treatment, industrial control and other fields, with flexible options and configurations, and can effectively adapt to a variety of application scenarios.

As a member of the community director, Diantech Shentai will actively participate in the technical planning of the Dragon Lizard community version, and contribute to the basic software code related to the Shenwei architecture. Promote the ecological sustainable development of the dragon lizard community.

Meng Debin, general manager of Shentai Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., said: "The processor is the core of building a safe and controllable digital base. Shenwei is willing to join hands with Dragon Lizard to take open source and cooperation as the starting point and service applications as the goal to incubate innovative open source projects and prosper open source. ecology."

Zhang Lei, the vice chairman of the Dragon Dragon community, said: "As a professional CPU manufacturer with important domestic influence, Dengke Shentai will inject new processor platform support into the Dragon Dragon operating system after joining the Dragon Dragon community, which will also accelerate the community. At the same time, the dragon lizard community will also help improve the basic ecology of Shenwei, provide cloud infrastructure support capabilities for the Shenwei platform, and promote the upgrading and development of the open source operating system industry. ."

Since the release of the "Dragon Plan", more than 100 companies have signed the CLA agreement and joined the Dragon Lizard community, including security manufacturers Geer Software, Haitai Fangyuan , database manufacturers Nanda General, Jushan Database , middleware manufacturers Dongfangtong, Zhongchuang Middleware, Baoland, etc. Welcome more companies to join. 
For the Dragon Plan, please refer to: "Dragon Plan" is launched! Invite 500 companies to join and embrace the infinite ecology with the Dragon Lizard community

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Join the WeChat group: Add community assistant - Dragon Lizard Community Xiaolong (WeChat: openanolis_assis), note that [Dragon Lizard] is with you; Join the DingTalk group: scan the QR code of the DingTalk group below. Developers/users are welcome to join the OpenAnolis community to communicate, jointly promote the development of the OpenAnolis community, and create an active and healthy open source operating system ecosystem together!

About the Dragon Lizard Community

The Dragon Lizard Community ( OpenAnolis ) is a non-profit open source community composed of enterprises, institutions, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, non-profit organizations, individuals , etc. on the basis of voluntary, equal, open source, and collaboration. The Dragon Lizard Community was established in September 2020 to build an open source, neutral and open Linux upstream distribution community and innovation platform.

The short-term goal of the establishment of the dragon lizard community is to develop the dragon lizard operating system (Anolis OS) as a response plan after CentOS is discontinued, and to build a community distribution compatible with international Linux mainstream manufacturers. The medium and long-term goal is to explore and build a future-oriented operating system, establish a unified open source operating system ecosystem, incubate innovative open source projects, and prosper the open source ecosystem.

At present, Longli OS 8.4 has been released, supports X86_64, Arm64, and LoongArch architectures, and is fully adapted to Feiteng, Haiguang, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Loongson and other chips, and provides full-stack national secret support.

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