How about the domestic operating system? ZTE's operating system has been approved by the national security

As the global competition in science and technology intensifies, the operating system is my country's weakness. At present, my country's mobile terminal system market is dominated by Google Android, and the desktop terminal system market is dominated by Microsoft's Windows. Under such circumstances, domestic companies have been working hard to change the status quo that the system is controlled by others. Huawei has the Hongmeng system and ZTE has the new pivot system, which has also accelerated the process of domestic operating systems.

  Recently, according to ZTE New Fulcrum official information, the desktop mode and server mode of the new Fulcrum operating system have passed the strict review and testing of the Computer Information System Security Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security and other departments, and obtained the four-level evaluation certification of the security operating system. The highest security level achieved by the domestic independent operating system.

  As a domestic operating system, ZTE's new fulcrum operating system has been successfully used in important fields such as high-speed rail Fuxing, three major operators, power grids, government offices, and finance for many years. According to relevant statistics, a total of more than 100,000 domestic Roewe smart cars are equipped with ZTE's new fulcrum operating system on the road. In terms of power grids, in just one year, the shipment of ZTE's new fulcrum operating system exceeded 6,000 sets.

  For ordinary users, ZTE’s new fulcrum operating system already supports WeChat, QQ, NetEase Cloud Music, Office software, Tencent Video, CAD, Tencent Conference, Feishu, DingTalk, Stocks and many other commonly used software, and even CS and Dota2 and other large-scale games can also run smoothly, fully satisfying daily use, and the important thing is that the desktop mode of ZTE's new fulcrum system is also completely free for all users to use.

ZTE New Pivot Operating System

  The security certification obtained by the Ministry of National Security this time also symbolizes that ZTE's domestic operating system is expected to further break the monopoly of overseas companies on my country's operating system market.

  Today, domestic operating systems have entered a period of high-quality development, ushering in the spring of the market and ecology. In terms of mobile operating systems, the emergence of Huawei Hongmeng has completely broken the market structure dominated by Android and iOS for many years. In terms of desktop operating systems, server operating systems, and industrial operating systems, the emergence of ZTE's new fulcrum operating system is expected to break the market structure of operating system giants such as Microsoft Windows and Google.

  As the core base of information technology, the operating system has the characteristics of high complexity, large investment, difficult ecological construction, and low success rate. Promote the ecological construction of the operating system.


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