3+1+N creates infinite possibilities, ZTE released a new version of the new fulcrum domestic system

The annual shopping carnival Double 11 is here again. Everyone discusses how to buy things at a better price and settles down in the crazy shopping. However, many people don't know that ZTE released a new version of the domestic operating system of the new fulcrum today, making low-key efforts for my country's information security and independent technology development.

According to the official website of the new fulcrum operating system, the new version of the new fulcrum operating system is 3+1+N, that is, 3 modes (desktop mode, server mode, tablet mode), 1 core (microkernel), N kinds of scenarios, only One operating system is needed to meet the needs of various devices, from commonly used laptops, all-in-ones, desktops, and tablets to dedicated smart terminals, smart cars, servers, edge computing, cloud computing platforms, digital infrastructure, etc. , let different devices in different scenarios use the same platform, and solve the fragmentation of the operating system. It can provide a seamless experience in all scenarios such as office, entertainment, travel, smart driving, 5G, big data, smart city, and smart manufacturing.

The new version of the new fulcrum operating system released by ZTE this time can establish the operating system of smart terminals and data infrastructure with one operating system, and realize the unified interactive experience, unified interface, unified components, and unified kernel version. Provides a unified platform for different devices and scenarios.

Unified interactive experience: Provide users with a comprehensive and consistent experience on different devices, easy to operate, quick to get started, reduce adaptation costs, and meet the visual and interactive needs of different groups of people.

Unified interface: Unified interface modules provide unified standard APIs for various applications and services to achieve fast access to services.

Unification of components: It facilitates the accumulation of reusable components, reduces maintenance and development costs, and improves efficiency and reusability.

Unified kernel version: Developers only need to write a program once to make applications or software run on different chips and different devices.

Many people may not understand why it takes a lot of manpower and material resources to study domestic operating systems. First of all, the long-term dependence of domestic enterprises on foreign manufacturers means that they have handed over the lifeline of their industries to others. Once foreign manufacturers cut off or restrict supply. The consequences are disastrous! Regarding this point, it can be said to be vividly reflected in Huawei in recent years.

And more importantly, the operating system is also the first lock of information security! With the global informatization, the amount of user data storage today is almost exponentially increasing! And the security of these information data is very important for individuals, countries and enterprises! If you rely on foreign operating systems for a long time, no one can guarantee that these operating systems have no backdoors. Once there is a problem with information security, it must be a fatal blow to a country!

It is based on such considerations that it is an imperative trend for China to develop its own operating system independently! The release of the new version of the new fulcrum operating system is simple and low-key, but it allows everyone to see ZTE's vision and pragmatism. For the sake of national information security, it is not enough to have Huawei on the domestic operating system, ZTE is also needed.

Under the wave of domestic production, as long as we support it, I believe it will not take long for us to realize the complete autonomy and controllability of the operating system. Even one day in the future, the operating system with the "China" prefix will truly go to the world and become the mainstream!

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