2021 Kaiyuanshe Annual Report: Happy Open Source


# Introduction #

The 2020 Kaiyuanshe annual report seems to be still yesterday. In a blink of an eye, 2021 has already passed. In last year's annual report, we said that 2020 was a year of turmoil. As a result, 2021 can be said to be a year of intensified turmoil and overwhelming. Due to the impact of the epidemic, we divided the 2021 China Open Source Annual Conference into eight cities. However, we are determined to have a better life, so we chose "Happy Hacking/Happy Open Source" as the theme of the year.

In this year of rapid changes, as the "home of open source people", our Kaiyuan Club has met more good friends in the open source community, and also played a volunteer spirit, doing a lot of fun and interesting things together. This report is our In the year-end report, I also hope that our efforts will live up to the expectations and encouragement of all friends. In 2022, we will do better!

If you have more comments and suggestions about Kaiyuanshe, please feel free to contact us and give us more guidance and help!

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# Introduction to Kaiyuanshe #

Founded in 2014, Kaiyuan Society is composed of individual members who voluntarily contribute to the cause of open source. It is formed according to the principle of "contribution, consensus, and co-governance". It has always maintained the characteristics of vendor neutrality, public welfare, and non-profit. International integration, community development, and open source projects" is an open source community federation with the mission. Kaiyuanshe actively cooperates closely with communities, enterprises and government-related units that support open source. With the vision of "Based in China and Contributing to the World", it aims to create a healthy and sustainable open source ecosystem and promote China's open source community to become an active force in the global open source system. Participation and Contributors.

In 2017, Kaiyuanshe was transformed into an organization composed entirely of individual members, operating with reference to the governance model of top international open source foundations such as ASF. In the past seven years, it has connected tens of thousands of open source people, gathered thousands of community members and volunteers, hundreds of lecturers at home and abroad, and cooperated with nearly a hundred sponsors, media, and community partners.

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# Council Introduction #


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# The 6th China Open Source Annual Conference #

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# 2021 China Open Source Annual Report #

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# Partner of the Year #


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