[Heavyweight] 2020 Gitee Open Source Annual Report released

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2020 for open source and Gitee

Is a year of rapid development

More and more people are participating in open source

The number of open source projects on Gitee has also reached a new high

2020 year

What are the new changes in open source?

What new trends are hidden in the data?

  • In 2020, the code warehouse hosted on Gitee exceeded  15 million , and the total number of users exceeded 6 million . 

  • The number of open source projects on Gitee has increased by 192% compared to 2019,  which is the total number of open source projects on Gitee from 2013 to 2018.

  • In 2020, the growth rate of Gitee Star's thousands of projects will increase by  132%  , which is 1.53  times the total number of Star's thousands of projects in 2019 .

  • In 2020, the number of users participating in open source at Gitee increased by  162% , of which  38%  were users who participated in open source for the first time.



Although there is a significant drop compared to last year (50%),  Java is  still the most used language (38%). The top five languages ​​have changed little compared to last year. PHP surpassed Python to become the third.


It is worth mentioning that the proportion of the main languages ​​on the mobile terminal will increase greatly in 2020. With the arrival of the epidemic, mobile development seems to be regained attention by developers. The popularity of cross-platform frameworks in 2020 will also be for mobile development. Infused with new vitality.



  • Rust and Dart have maintained rapid growth for two consecutive years.

  • 2020 is a year when operating systems and the Internet of Things have attracted much attention in the domestic open source ecosystem, making  Verilog  strong growth.

  • Although Yi language has reached the top of the growth list, its total amount is still very scarce compared with other languages, and it is still far from mainstream programming languages.

Program development and Web application development still occupy the top two positions. Open source projects in the mobile/mobile development field have increased by one place compared to last year and ranked third. As in the "Overall Language Trends" section, the impact of the epidemic and the popularity of cross-platform development make mobile Development has received attention again.

GVP (Gitee most Valuable Project)-Gitee's most valuable open source project plan is a comprehensively evaluated and selected open source project display platform. By the end of 2020, there are  312  projects, of which 101  open source projects will be selected as GVP in 2020  .

The performance of these projects reflects the situation of outstanding local open source projects to a certain extent, and we analyzed them through the Gitee index.



Emerging influential projects are projects that will receive the most Stars in Gitee in 2020.

Except for asyncTool, which is a newly built project at the end of 2019, the other five projects on the list are all newly built in March-April 2020. Open source projects that started from scratch can get a high level of attention in three quarters. On the one hand, it reflects the technical improvement of open source authors. More and more good projects have entered everyone’s field of vision. On the other hand, it also reflects the domestic More and more developers are concerned about open source and are willing to affirm excellent new projects.

In 2020, more developers are willing to use "donations" to show their support for open source projects. From the table, it can be seen that five of the six projects are back-end management framework projects. This kind of a complete back-end management framework is more suitable for enterprise users. After companies use a better back-end development framework, and after rapid development, they are also willing to express gratitude for donations to open source projects, thus forming "benefit from open source-giving back to open source" Virtuous circle.

In 2020, more and more international open source organizations and open source organizations owned by major domestic manufacturers have settled in Gitee to communicate with local developers.

In order to provide developers with a better code hosting and project management experience, Gitee launched in 2020 such as  lightweight PR , Gitee Scan,  and a number of updates for the PR experience , as well as  DevOps tool Gitee Go  throughout the product line The heavyweight function.



In 2021 that has arrived 

Gitee will cheer up with everyone

Create more excitement for the open source world

We use this poem

Encourage the developers


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