Anolis OS won the "China Open Source Cloud Alliance Annual Outstanding Open Source Project" award!

It aims to be more diverse and open, to create a good open source atmosphere and inject new vitality into the development of my country's open source industry. The China Open Source Cloud League ("COSCL" for short) organized the 2021 Outstanding Open Source Project selection activity, which has been comprehensively reviewed through public solicitation, online voting and offline expert review. The list of winners has now been announced. Anol is OS lived up to expectations and won the "2021 China Excellent Open Source Project" award. This is another industry recognition after the Dragon Lizard community won the "OSCAR Open Source Peak Case Award" in September.

A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is in the ascendant. Whether in China or globally, open source is profoundly changing the development of information technology, and has become a key means to promote cloud computing core technology innovation, industrial global application, and ecological diversity co-governance. It is a powerful engine for building "new technology infrastructure" and developing emerging strategic industries. At present, open source has been clearly written into the "14th Five-Year Plan" and has been given a new mission to promote technological innovation in China . The open source industry has ushered in a new climax of development.

The Dragon Lizard Community (OpenAnolis) has now become a new force in China in the open source world. This time, the Anolis OS open source operating system won the 2021 China Excellent Open Source Project, which is also a professional recognition of the unremitting efforts of the Anolis community in the open source field. In the future, the Longli community will embrace open source more actively, adhere to the concept of "co-construction, sharing, and co-governance", jointly build a sustainable operating system industry ecology, prosper the new open source ecology, and jointly create the soul of domestic information technology system talents. , gather China's open source power in the spirit of open source, and create a future-oriented open source operating system.


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Join the dragon lizard community

Join WeChat group: Add community assistant - Dragon Lizard Community Xiaolong (WeChat: openanolis_assis), note [Dragon Lizard] to pull you into the group; join DingTalk group: scan the QR code of the DingTalk group below. Developers/users are welcome to join the OpenAnolis community to communicate, jointly promote the development of the OpenAnolis community, and create an active and healthy open source operating system ecosystem together!

About the Dragon Lizard Community

OpenAnolis is a non-profit open source community composed of enterprises, institutions, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, non-profit organizations, individuals , etc. on the basis of voluntary, equality, open source, and collaboration. The Dragon Lizard Community was established in September 2020 to build an open source, neutral and open Linux upstream distribution community and innovation platform.

The short-term goal is to develop Anolis OS as an alternative to CentOS and rebuild a distribution compatible with mainstream international Linux manufacturers. The medium and long-term goal is to explore and build a future-oriented operating system, establish a unified open source operating system ecosystem, incubate innovative open source projects, and prosper the open source ecosystem.

Longli OS 8.4 has been released, supports x86_64, ARM64, LoongArch architecture, and is fully compatible with Intel, Feiteng, Haiguang, Zhaoxin, Kunpeng, Loongson and other chips, and provides full-stack national secret support.

Welcome to download:

Join us in building an open source operating system for the future!

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