BSN and Tsinghua University and other institutions released the "Global Blockchain Industry Panorama and Trends (2020-2021 Annual Report)"

Since the publication of the central study speech on October 24, 2019, blockchain technology has risen to the national strategy and has since been included in the scope of "new infrastructure" by the National Development and Reform Commission. People are eager to understand the development trend of blockchain technology applications. Various local governments are actively promoting the application and development of blockchain technology. Traditional media have also increased the publicity of blockchain technology.

On February 7, Tsinghua University Internet Industry Research Institute, Blockchain Service Network (BSN), and Huobi Research Institute jointly released the annual report "Global Blockchain Industry Panorama and Trends (2020-2021 Annual Report)" (hereinafter referred to as " Report”), comprehensively and profoundly analyze the development of the blockchain industry in 2020, and give forward-looking forecasts for the development of the industry in 2021. Zhu Yan, Dean of Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute, Director of Information and Industrial Development Department of National Information Center, Director of Blockchain Service Network (BSN) Development Alliance Shan Zhiguang, Leader of Digital Economy Technology Promotion Group of China Mobile Design Institute, Block Tan Min, Secretary General of the Development Alliance of the Chain Service Network (BSN), etc. participated in the compilation.

The report pointed out that the industrial blockchain will return to its technical origins in 2020 and develop towards a more landing. The landing in 2021 will accelerate and form four major development trends.

Trend 1: In line with the development of "new infrastructure", blockchain will begin to integrate with other new technologies . After the concept of "new infrastructure" was put forward, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc., as representatives of new technology infrastructure, belong to the information infrastructure. At the same time, under the development strategy of "smart cities" and "urban brains", other Technology fusion blockchain technology has become a new trend.

Trend 2: Government affairs, supply chain, finance, data and other sectors have become popular tracks, and their landings are accelerating . Entering 2020, the issue of efficiency enhancement of multi-party collaboration scenarios in the global economic system affected by the epidemic. Government affairs involve cross-regional and cross-sectoral information management efficiency, and issues such as the efficiency of capital and capital flow in the financial market have triggered heated discussions. Accelerated the application of "blockchain+government", "blockchain+supply chain" and "blockchain+finance".

Trend three is the rapid development of supporting facilities such as all-in-one computers, underlying network facilities, and blockchain chips . The report pointed out that whether it is an all-in-one machine, a blockchain chip or the underlying network facilities, they all focus on the pain points encountered in the development of the current alliance chain, lower the threshold for blockchain use, and improve the stability of the blockchain. With the gradual improvement of related facilities, the development of China's industrial blockchain will be more rapid and stable, and related industries will also undergo changes under the advancement of alliance chain technology and supporting facilities.

Trend four is the budding development of asset chaining, and digital securities may be the leader in global asset chaining .

The report pointed out that promoting the digitization of physical assets will help promote asset cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and build a complete standardized asset supervision system to strengthen supervision, thereby forming an innovative digital ecology. The digitization of assets based on blockchain technology, that is, assets on the chain, has the advantages of openness, transparency and traceability, flat autonomy, improved efficiency, and intelligence and automatic non-tampering. Finally, the report has ten major prospects for 2021, covering hot areas such as industrial blockchain and CBDC. For example, global CBDC research and testing continues to heat up, but most major countries will not choose to fully implement it for the time being; Internet giants will end up pushing millions. Commercial applications on the first-class user chain will be born; the new track of crypto banks will be hot and will become a bridgehead for competition; blockchain unicorns will be the best outlet for listing, and the valuation of leading companies will exceed tens of billions of dollars. Bring a small wave of listings.

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