IT industry market demand for talent

Small and medium enterprises are the main background to the front for the assistance, although the main background to do, but sometimes have to have some knowledge of the layout of the front end, as medium-sized companies to develop more modules.


Can make their own independent a system, this time in small and large businesses will be able to take-all, but need at least after Taiwan-based, front-end supplement to do!


Module Development (SMEs), is the front-end and back-end should write. Such sites, such as your credit Zhongshan network search, web front end do not ask, so long as the front-end and back-end developers will, of course, the latter will have at least one art.

That basically in the professional front-end electricity providers that one, do the main front-end, it is only the front end, the front end of a professional to do more front-end intellectual framework they want to learn.

( Large companies ) are mainly mainly posts and posts a lack of people, what is the job posts, like you do in a big corporation excel background function module, quit after only large enterprises but also other related business is done almost do excel in back-office functions module! Posts they want to play in small businesses, but also can not do, because only the background, but will only do this one for a long time yet proficient.

For example, I recommend learning the web development process:

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