In the new crown had treated patients with severe pneumonia in a London hospital

According to the British "Mirror" 24 reported that the new crown had treated patients with severe pneumonia in a London hospital, a nurse committed suicide at work. It is understood that more than 20-year-old nurse, who worked at King's College hospital intensive care unit. On Monday (23 May) 17:36, when police rushed to the hospital, she had lost consciousness. It is reported that she may have taken an overdose of drugs.

Scotland Yard spokesman said, "patients suffered treatment and later died in hospital." He added that police are confirming the identity of their relatives and inform them. That the death was not the case with suspicious cases. The spokesman said police know the woman is the hospital staff, but could not prove her duties.

Located in King's College Hospital in south London's intensive care unit, once admitted to the new crown pneumonia in critically ill patients, including eight patients had died.

24, the death toll reached under the British crown a new virus outbreaks biggest one-day gain, 87 people were killed and only a London hospital had 21 deaths. Within 24 hours, the number of deaths increased by nearly 26 percent, bringing the total death toll rose to 422 British people from 335 people.

British national health service system (NHS) said the deaths in the age between 24 to 33 years old 103 years old, belong to vulnerable groups, including persons with underlying disease.

Britain has had beyond the 8,000 people infected with the new virus crown. British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said at a news conference yesterday said it would recruit 250 000 who wishes to support the operations of the NHS.

The researchers said that this virus may have infected more than half the population of Britain. Tel Oxford University professor Sunil Gupta (Sunetra Gupta) said that this could mean for every thousand patients infected with the disease as long as less than a person can be hospitalized.

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