In 2020 the impact of new crown epidemic on the IT industry

Several months have not written a blog, partly because of work and school to start the second half of last year is more busy, not enough time to learn new technology, I think the most important thing is their own inertia is too big, I did not wish to learn new leads technology, communicating with friends recent experience, I express my regret.

The new year has just begun, what happens is too much, the beginning of 2020, the emergence of new viruses crown, leading us plans have come to nothing, here I will talk about the emergence of a new outbreak of the crown from my personal point of view to analyze the impact and influence of the Internet industry.

1. The unprecedented expansion of the Internet industry

1.4 billion people country home quarantine, real-world activities almost shut down, the influx of a large number of new Internet users. 2019 China's Internet penetration rate of 61.2%, but in some assessment of the site is expected in 2020, China's Internet penetration rate will gradually approaching the level of developed countries, United States, Japan and Europe in the internet (80%). It also represents, the more marginalized farmers, agriculture and rural rapidly growing demand for network services, Internet comprehensive "sink" there is a very obvious signs.

2.5G commercial accelerate

With the "new crown pneumonia" that involve the lives of millions of people in major public safety incidents occur, the Internet has also brought many unprecedented demand, 5G scenario suddenly became clearer and more feasible, telemedicine, distance learning and remote office and other needs strong and urgent, 5G speed up the landing has become a critical task. In turn, with the acceleration of the construction of 5G, telemedicine, distance learning and remote office applications to the rapid spread of video social networking, office and other mainstream video network applications.

3. The broadcast industry's further expansion

With 5G development, the expansion of the Internet, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, so that more people choose to stay home rather than travel away from home, live industry is bound to promote the new needs of the masses, such as the major broadcast platform It will usher in a development opportunity again.

4. The development of medical products

If before the epidemic, medical products in stable development, so after the epidemic, medical products will get a quick leap, whether it is government policy to encourage or expand market demand, and both are promoting medical products, telemedicine, medical Mall and other commodities this year and both are mainstream development trend.

5. Things are accelerating

With strongly advocated the development of 5G, the development of things the conditions are ripe, after the epidemic, people are more submitted without contact and distribution, as it is bound to promote the birth of unmanned delivery vehicles, unmanned vehicles and other things frozen products , things will be the general direction of development of the Internet in recent years

6. The development of artificial intelligence

After the outbreak, the non-contact economy will advocate. What non-contact? "Non-contact economy" refers to the use of information technology, such as artificial intelligence or network platform, can be achieved not through contact between people or economic activity is the way. The nature of the practice of "non-contact" sensor is the use of cameras, robots, cloud platform, infrared instrument, such as bridge media, extending the human visual, auditory, tactile. Then continued to introduce and improve the artificial intelligence and government favorable policies to promote the rapid development of virtual reality industry in China, at present, China's VR industrial ecology has been initially established, near-eye display, perceived interactivity, network transmission, rendering and content production, etc. The key technology system has taken shape. So AI technology will also be the next three-year trend.

Finally, I want to say, is to give the opportunity to those who are prepared, does not mean the opportunity to find success, identify opportunities and the courage to innovate, courage to challenge, to be successful!

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