The new coronavirus pneumonia virus spread rumors

epidemic menacing, rumors situation ensued. For example, "Wuhan leading officials wearing masks better than health care" rumors, "the State Council exempted from Wuhan Red Cross relief supplies management rights" is a rumor. Some also say still arguments, such as "new crown virus can survive for five days" yet to be demonstrated, "doorknob will spread novel coronavirus" to be demonstrated. If they have not confirmed that, we do not believe it should not pass. However, there are always some people spread rumors. There are n individuals, were No. 1-n. Acting in them to spread rumors m times, different scope of each of rumors. Every time a person acting in select A, if the scope of the rumor is B, then A will tell people all the difference does not exceed the number of B with it. Your task is to calculate each person received last many times rumors.
Input Description:
Line input m and n, the next m lines of two numbers A, B
output Description:
The number of output line n, denotes the i-th bit number i who received the last time I rumor . 0 Output not receive rumors
Sample input:
10. 5
. 7 2
. 4. 5
2. 1
. 6 2
. 3. 1
Sample Output:
code is as follows:
Here Insert Picture Description
Here Insert Picture Description
The result:
Here Insert Picture Description

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