The new crown epidemic and the financial industry

Since last year:

  1. A friend asked me what's a good investment recommendation? And my advice is the same as Buffett does not invest anything and cash. Buffett amassed more than $ 12 billion in cash .
  2. A friend asked my business, I give advice is to be considered a good advance, entrepreneurial profit wage income must be ten times more than it is worth to start, in addition to good cash flow management, in order to avoid risks.
  3. A friend let me recommend finance books. I recommend the "risk management" of this book, my friend was puzzled and asked why not recommend "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Because "Rich Dad Poor Dad" amateur finance books, "risk management" is a professional financial books.
  4. There are a bunch of friends stocks, even when eating only one person I did not stock, all of which I advise them not to stock, and all into cash. However, they do not care, he was also said to get the inside information, to make a small fortune of.

The result, now see it, because I pay attention to risk management, without any investment, claims to hold cash, investment income is now among the best, although returns are zero.

I got to say that inside information, to make a small fortune friends, the same loss. Principle See my article "The Big Short" and the A-share inside information .

The stock market has dozens or even hundreds of years, and the level of institutional advances in the computer artificial intelligence are the stocks:

And retail levels still remain in place, because the old cut leeks, after a few years, a new wave of leek and grow up, new leek still only a year or two of experience, and agencies already experienced, and now through the computer manual intellectual level and continue to accumulate in progress, after all, the program Well, just write it again, since you can continue to use.

While retail rose greed, fear when down, and he faced opponent - artificial intelligence computer program trading, do not know what is greed and fear, without any emotional impact, it will act decisively, without any hesitation execution orders, so even when the decline, retail investors need to sell than to spend time to calm down and think fast countless times! ! !

Every ten years to come once the financial crisis, which is iron-clad economic laws, like 1 + 1 = 2 the same, are not individuals, institutions and even national governments can change. Since the 2008 financial crisis, has been twelve years, Wall Street has reached a new high, a lot of people like to spend drum pass game, thinking about how to throw mine out.

The new crown to the epidemic.

Yes, the world's stock markets are down. But how, this is the new crown epidemic caused it, not because of our level of investment can not. The new crown back this epidemic pot! 08 to the financial crisis we had three or four years to recover the original post (you can look at the "single men and women" and "Do not Go Breaking My Heart 2" these two films, Risk Warning: realism both films only "big short" hundred one minute, please do not refer to them as investment). This time, it is estimated a year or so we will be able to restore the original post may not even lose their jobs.

Since there is a new outbreak crown back this pot, we will risk the loss and the accumulation of several years of full within the legal framework through the use of legitimate accounting practices are considered in the course of the year. Under is a good start!

Retail (ie, leeks) see the article estimated would feel very uncomfortable, but how to write clearly it is within the legal framework for the operation through the use of legitimate accounting practices, but we did not break the law ah. Investment risk, investors must be careful. You open a stock account when the risk has already signed letters of responsibility ah.

2008 financial crisis cut 80 leeks, chives this year cut 90, but it does not matter, a few years after the 00 spending power, and can continue to cut after a 00 chives.

I used to in order to save time, do not cook at home, the results of this new crown epidemic came, I was forced to cook at home. Dozens of days where I worked out a set of quick cooking experience and skills, now cook at home and go out to eat just a little bit more time, better food, but also healthier than outside the hotel. While quality and security, but also saving money! Similarly, a lot of 90 after experiencing the outbreak, to eat from a student hall interrupted eating habits, become your own meals at home. Low-end catering industry need to wait for spring to rise to 00 after arrival.

Risk Warning: This article is casual and do not go through serious and careful thought and does not constitute investment advice. As a result of the adoption of this article and investment losses were caused, we assume no liability.

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