World Health Organization to deepen cooperation with Tencent, the new crown pneumonia AI self assistant global open source

April 3, Tencent announced that it will deepen cooperation with the World Health Organization, $ 10 million contribution to the contingency fund Solidarity COVID-19 WHO, and reached to jointly promote digital medical solutions help global fight against SARS agreement.

"I would like to thank Tencent generous donations and contributions to COVID19 solidarity contingency fund. I look forward to working with Tencent, promoting the use of digital health tools in the fight against the epidemic, for a healthier, safer and fairer world together. "said WHO Director-General Dr Tan Desai.

"The world needs to unite to face this unprecedented challenge. WHO is leading and coordinating global efforts to support countries in the fight against SARS. Tencent believe, unite the world will be able to block the spread of the disease. In order to achieve our common mission, in addition to support COVID-19 solidarity contingency fund, we will open source, digital medical solutions, to provide more technical support for WHO. "Tencent president Martin Lau said.

As the World Health Organization to help support assist Governments in developing digital health solutions, Tencent "new self Assistant Crown pneumonia AI" (COVID-19 self- triage assistant) to the world of open source, the artificial intelligence service to help people self-examination and new crown pneumonia the risk of infection, and given preventive guidelines. This is following the March 27, for the people to provide 60 billion queries services epidemic module and a fight against SARS after the open-source technology, Tencent output to the world.

To help people right of self-examination new crown risk of pneumonia, to avoid panic and cross-infection risks caused by improper medical treatment, use of artificial intelligence technology Tencent healthy development of the "new crown AI pneumonia self Assistant" (COVID-19 self-triage assistant), the professional Medical guidelines converted into easy to understand simple conversation to help people properly fight the epidemic. This simple and practical tool to help 17 Chinese provinces and autonomous regions of 40 disease control department, more than 300 hospitals, more than 30 industry ISV partners, service tens of millions of dollars people.

As "TH_COVID19_National- Tencent new crown health epidemic module International version of" supplementary module Github for open source projects, the open-source "new crown pneumonia assistant AI self-examination," strictly in accordance with the 2020 release of March 4, the seventh edition of the State Construction Committee Wei " novel coronavirus infection pneumonia treatment program "(diagnosis and treatment Protocol for novel coronavirus pneumonia) in English by the Chinese preventive Medicine Association (CPMA, Chinese preventive Medicine Association) audit, the successful experience of China's new crown pneumonia prevention and control integration code helping people around the world.

Medical use of natural language processing technology, Tencent build a healthy respiratory interrogation knowledge map, help users experience fever, cough and other symptoms, rapid self-assessment of the condition, to make reasonable arrangements for medical treatment. For global developers, can more simply be replaced by open source medical guidelines for the seat of authority published version, provide more useful guidance for local people.

People can simulate multiple rounds of dialogue with the "new crown pneumonia self assistant," according to information on the new crown pneumonia epidemiological history of exposure to onset of symptoms, the onset of the nature, history of disease basis, with reference to the possibility of authoritative medical guidelines to determine the size of the new crown pneumonia infection, obtain the corresponding recommendations for treatment or isolation. Finally, people also get analysis reports, facilitate further explain the situation to seek help when the doctor.

As of March 2020, Tencent total revenue outside the 98 projects, covering the areas of cloud computing, big data, AI, security and so on. TH_COVID19_International and COVID-19 self-triage assistant successive open source, designed to open to the world scientific and technological capabilities, help national organizations to respond to new outbreaks of pneumonia crown.

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