Micro-channel, Facebook hand cooperation, the fight against the global epidemic of pneumonia new crown

The new crown to fight pneumonia, the world has become a common war "plague." March 25, with the support of World Health Organization (WHO), the micro-channel joint Internet platform Facebook and other major scientific and technological co-sponsored a public science and technology initiative, the "Worldwide Developers 'Marathon' race" and invited developers to submit global including small micro-channel program, including a variety of forms to help war "plague" solution, with the code war "plague."


Micro letter as one of the main participants in this initiative, the official global developer solicitation letters based on micro ecology, global services war "plague" of programming works, such as innovation, practical epidemic Services applet, the ability to use technology to support this battle . This is Tencent since the outbreak, following the establishment of Contagion 1.5 billion fund, launched "Contagion Developer Connection public good", set up a $ 100 million global fund after Contagion, another step in the fight against the epidemic.

2019, Nikkatsu applets users has reached 300 million, creating a turnover of 800 billion in 2019, relying on the applet 1.164 billion live micro letter dated users, has formed a mature development ecosystem. Since the outbreak, the applet become an important tool in the fight against the epidemic, government, medical, education classes epidemic Services applet total of 1,200 new models. Tencent health and epidemic prevention codes as health and travel history verification of electronic means, traffic totaled 10 billion times. With the outbreak gentle, small program has also become an important tool for many companies return to work the complex production.

How can more engineers involved, to resolve common problems epidemic prevention, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, such as micro-channel, Twitter, Pinterest and other technology companies more teams will join the ranks of engineers, building tools to deal with the epidemic brought health, economic and social challenges. Micro-letter team also expressed the hope that the excellent anti-China Science and Technology "plague" experience to the world, and the majority of developers together to support the global fight against the epidemic, ride out the storm.

Starting immediately, developers can Devpost website registered account, from the US West Coast time at 9:03 on March 26 Yue 30 May 0900 (ie China Beijing time at 0:00 on the 27th to at 4:03 on March 2 30 Mar), programming works and submit a 2-minute video presentation (recommended works and video presentation in English and Chinese versions). Review team will endeavor to provide feedback, and gradually establish contact with the selected project. Including micro-letters engineers, Facebook engineer, World Health Organization (WHO) scientists, including the review team will creative works, practical and social values ​​such as multi-dimensional assessment of outstanding war inclusion of "plague" project is expected to be in April 3rd publicity.

The collection of works cover for the production of power in the life of communities around the world are using small programs, or promising conceptual project, to provide supplies and resources for local people against loneliness, the use of guaranteed income working at home Wait. Entries including but not limited to six Themes:

1, health class: you can solve epidemic prevention and control, medical support and other programs to carry out;

2, the vulnerable population groups: focus on the elderly or vulnerable people facing problems of survival;

3, enterprise-class: to help companies effectively part of the business will be transferred to the line;

4, community groups: friends relatives and neighbors to promote ties, local government public service digitization;

5. Education: to support the normal development of the education tools;

6. Entertainment: replace the traditional forms of entertainment alternatives.

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