Ma blessing open source, involved in building global technology community

"We will, by way of external open source and actively participate in building a global community of science and technology."

"No country can fully owns all the resources, technology and capacity new round of global technology and industry need today, fragmented industry and technology decoupling would damage the entire long-term interests of mankind."

August 26, 2019 held in Chongqing, China International Smart Industry Fair (Tomohiro will) Summit, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tencent Ma made a speech, he mentioned that Tencent is willing to internal and external open source, positive Construction of participation in the global science and technology community .

Tencent open source culture: three steps

Tencent open source began in 2010, in 2016 started its rapid development, and gradually into the right track during the past two years, establish a good open-source culture . In 2010, under the guidance of Tencent's open strategy, "an open, shared jointly develop" R & D model launched in-house technical team.

Tencent internal competition in order to encourage, promote product-oriented industry knowledge, but behind the refraction, Tencent repeat-create the wheel in research and development technology, resource utilization rate and other issues. Technical team accustomed to Kang Zhu, re-optimization, more technical and customer service for the business, which is the existence of fact, some of the divergence between the open-source culture .

2010-2015, Tencent within the first open-source advocate, promote "open, shared jointly develop a" research and development mode, the internal components of the company to achieve reliable reuse, reduce duplication-create the wheel, improve efficiency, which is the basis of external open source .

And then further narrow the time, Tencent also summed up its own three-step "open source route" :

  • The first step to strengthen the internal revenue synergies , mainly through the pull-through organization that promotes cross-sectoral collaboration; while optimizing internal resources, a concentrated focus on the technical direction, to seek technological breakthroughs ;
  • The second step, the introduction of foreign revenue through external resources, optimize the design and the code, expand the application scenarios, and to strengthen links with external contributors and build technical influence ;
  • The third step, through the community of open governance , some projects have broad prospects for large-scale promotion and application of technology, cultivate leadership and influential community leaders in technology in the process, build developer ecosystem, so R & D resources to optimize the configuration of the whole society.

Further, the second half of 2018, Tencent announced the adjustment of the organizational structure, the formal establishment of the technical committee , headed by the General Office of the members, to promote open source collaboration. Emphasis on open source from the organization level, which in Chinese Internet technology companies are very rare decision, it is easy to see Tencent firm determination to force open source. It is this emphasis on the strategic level, top-down push, only Tencent open source rapid development in recent years.

Talk is cheap,show me the code

The past two years, Tencent frequently appear on the list of the various open source organizations, foundations, and in the major open source and summit forums can always see Tencent figure. But these can only show active Tencent open source, open source can not explain Tencent results.

Programmers world, the code speak.

As of August 2019, Tencent has a total of 82 open source projects, covering many areas of cloud, game, big data, AI and applets. Several years ago, lagged far behind Tencent open source, the current contribution ranking has been close to the top ten in the world , including micro-services framework Tars, artificial intelligence computing platforms Angel, micro-channel visual style library WeUI stars such project in the developer community in both good reputation and widely adopted.

Tars: Massive services, a framework

Tars developed by Tencent mature RPC frame, and can quickly set up the system automatically generates the code, taking into account the ease of use and high performance. Meanwhile, Tars supports C ++, Golang, Java, Node.js, PHP and Python, including a variety of programming languages, it can help developers and businesses with micro-service way to quickly build their own stable and reliable distributed applications, allowing developers to focus business logic, effectively improve operational efficiency. Tars are micro-crystalline Tencent ten years of service, Tencent hundreds of product lines, the world is well known mass services are run on the self-study of micro-services framework. June 25, 2018, Tencent announced that it will contribute Tars project to the Linux Foundation.

WeUI: Web Development Fundamentals Style Library

WeUI is a micro-channel with a consistent visual experience of the native style library foundation, the official micro-channel micro-channel design team to develop customized Web design, the user can make use of a more unified perception. Its feature development-friendly, WeUI become a lot of computer science students graduate design commonly used tools, and gained wide recognition.

Angel: computing platform based on a parameter server distributed architecture

Angel and Tencent jointly developed by Beijing University, both innovative high availability and academia industry. It is through large data Tencent performance tuning, has broad applicability and stability, performance obvious advantages in terms of handling higher-dimensional model. Angel uses Java and Scala written in support of running on Yarn and Kubernetes. By PS Service abstraction, it offers two modules can be integrated function Spark / PyTorch and Parameter Server for distributed training. The future computing and graphics support deep learning framework.

Mars: micro-channel official terminal base component

Mars micro-channel is official terminal base component, is a combination of solution-based mobile applications Socket Layer Schemes designed, better controllable tuning network, the use of C ++ was developed. Mars currently has access to micro-letters Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, WP and other clients. In the design, Mars cross-platform, cross-business premise comply with high availability, high performance and load balancing design principles.

More details can be viewed Tencent open source projects:

Open source is a show, KPI project?

In China, developers have often criticized "used", just know that hand with open source projects, but little back to the community. Worldwide, cloud vendors often defined as open source "vampire", take open source software earn pours, but did not make any contribution to the open source.

Domestic technology companies, also often criticized "Open source is a show, KPI project." But in fact, open source is a trend, but also a responsibility and play.

Why do open source? There are at least three reasons:

  • First, open source can help others develop software more quickly, and promote innovation in the world, mainly the value level of social considerations.
  • Second, open source can Forced engineers write better code.
  • Third, open source can more effectively harness the power of the community, work together to solve problems.

We are there are several years ago, China's science and technology giants such as BAT, at the end of the crane on the open source community. At that time, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon and other US companies firmly occupy the position of the head, a lot of popular open source tools, contribute to the community, also dominated the discourse.

But today, many companies, including Tencent, including China, have been brought from doctrine, turned to the open, win-win, Tencent is determined to join the open source from the organization level. Whether this is a developer, the community, or for themselves for these technology companies, are cause for rejoicing situation.

As Ma said, the future world will be a science and technology community, " no country can completely have all the resources, technology and capacity new round of global technological and industrial needed , fragmented industry and technology decoupling would damage the entire long-term interests of human . "

This is the meaning of open source.

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