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The open source community, also known as the open source community, generally composed of people with common interests of the composition, released the source code of network software platform based on the corresponding open source software license agreements, but also provide space for a free exchange of learning for members of the network. Because open source software is distributed mainly in the developed world programmers, open source community has become a necessary way they communicate, so the open source community plays a huge role in promoting open source software development.

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Chinese name: the open source community
外文名:Open Source Software Community or Open Source Community
Nickname: The open source community
Category: propagating, portal type, project type
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英文:Open Source Software Community or Open Source Community
Our open source community and the Internet almost simultaneously start construction in China. The early 1990s, open-source software into China. June 17, 1997, China Software Industry Association, Free Software Application Development Branch was established in Beijing, while China establish free software libraries. 1998 years, China began to gradually created some open source community organizations, including the Shanghai Linux User Group, Beijing Linux Club, Nanjing LUG, China JavaUnion, also attracted a large number of developers to participate in, and had certain social influence.
Since 1999, under the tilt support national industrial policy, with the rapid spread of the Internet, a large number of sites and organizations with the open source community characterized by the emergence of a large number of the country, one of the more notable include creating a Software Alliance (COSOFT) and LinuxSir, ChinaUnix, etc., on the university BBS (bulletin board) is also showing a layout corresponding to the active form of community, a group with certain technical content, have an influence in the international open-source software have emerged, such as Linux virtual server LVS, compact graphics interface MiniGUI, embedded system simulator SkyEye and so on.

Open source software

Open source software (Open Source Software) simply means that the source code is open to the public software. Participated in various open-source software can be used for both in their respective open source community of people free to download, free to the public and welcomes the development community, but also allow businesses to develop and publish again in accordance with the appropriate open source license. People usually say free software (Free Software) generally refers to the open-source software, it was thus called free software is not very accurate, but a free open source software common features, not essential. Open source software is mainly stressed that open source code to enable more people to become participants in software development, and let these accumulated software source code can truly become the common heritage of mankind. Open source software with a strong spirit of altruism, to participate in the development of open source software and open source code to the open source community members for all to share, commonly known contributors (Contributor) whether free software or open source software, we have been in " altruism doctrine (altruism) and egoism (Capitalism) "whirlpool of both struggle and cooperation, of course, free software advocate pure" altruism ", and open source software which is sought to strike a balance. Open source software is free software for two with respect to "development": ① open source software and proprietary software can be connected to a certain extent, ② to allow the establishment of open-source software business models; integration of open source software in the inheritance and the foundation philosophy of free software, in the development of the formation of multiple guiding ideology; open-source software can be inclusive of free software. Free software and open source software on the values and implementations can be complementary in the originality and the development of large-scale development is also complementary, we can usually see them as a whole, collectively known as the free / open source software (FLOSS, Free / Libre and Open Source Software).

Community Category

Portal type
Open source software provides information, resources, communication, development of related hardware and software platforms, including software to create a coalition, LUPA community, open source Chinese community and other OSS;
Spread type
The introduction of foreign open source projects , with information gathering, exchange-based technology, such as Javaunion, LinuxSir, ChinaUnix, Atlanta and other open-source community;
Project type
Community support parties include enterprise or organization (such as lupa, linuxaid), a loose group (such as javaunion, huihoo), personal (such as linuxsir, chinajavaworld) and so on.

Development issues

Our open source community from the initial fan community development to a stable community with the development, application and service functions. But in general, it is still in a development disorder, turmoil and aimless state, with a lack of popularity, lack of talent, lack of project, run instability and other shortcomings. To grow and develop Chinese open source community, address the following issues:
1, personnel training issues
Many people of insight have pointed out that open source has a dedicated talent is the driving force of the development of the open source community, but most of our programmers life stress, impact on community input and contribution. And everywhere the open source community, will inevitably result in relatively tight and competitive differentiation with each other open-source programmers, community contributors. The lack of talent and dedication to become the biggest bottleneck hindering the further growth of the open source community. Need to increase the open-source talent development work, and to strengthen the open source, open source community outreach work.
2, operating expenses issue
Due to the open source community domain, host, and bandwidth is mainly borne by the individual or a few people loosely organized, often because of financial difficulties and other reasons lead to the disappearance and instability communities. If we can solve the problem of operating expenses, to be stable funding to support the bandwidth needs of the host and can get a better solution, and with the appropriate support services, which will greatly promote the development of the open source community.
3, a reasonable guide and integration requirements
Our open source community widespread scattered, small scale and other issues, there is a big shortage for cognitive aspects of open source, open source technology direction, the open source project management. This situation needs by providing training through the relevant agencies to promote open-source, open-source community to coordinate and guide the activities of the organization, so that the domestic open source community to form large mature community, popularity and social significance of open source projects as soon as possible.
4, to promote open-source business model needs
From the international open-source situation, open source is already capable of being universally accepted, proven business model. However, due to the lack of domestic typical success story, many companies or individuals willing to engage in open source too afraid to invest resources in terms of revenue, is more tentative, open-source transient behavior with interest. By building to create social value and commercial value of exemplary community and key research and development projects, in order to point, in order to stimulate more companies, organizations and individuals to participate in the open source movement to promote the ranks is a priority.

Domestic Community

1, Linux China
China is a vast number of Linux Linux enthusiasts spontaneously established to discuss Linux technology, to promote Linux and open source software technology-based community site in China's development goals. Linux China's aim is to provide to all Linux enthusiasts, open-source technologies friend a free, open, equal and free exchange of space.
China, formerly known as Linux Linux base camp, founded in 1999, after years of effort and development, in 2007 officially changed its name to China Linux, enable the new domain name.
2, open-source Chinese community
The open source community is China Ministry of Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center established a non-profit nature of public service website, which aims to create a healthy and orderly open-source environment, promote the prosperity of China's open-source software, and promote China's information process. Community provides a forum for collaborative development, software repository, resource pages and other resources, and its collaborative development platform to support the domestic first open source ERP project - En letter ERP, important projects Tsinghua University dissertation LaTeX templates.
LUPA is to promote open source college abbreviation Union (Leadership Of Open Source University Promotion Alliance ) , and on June 12, 2005 was established in Hangzhou. LUPA open source movement is a Chinese explorers and practitioners, but also "Chinese open source model," the founder. LUPA advocate software innovation around the students' employment and entrepreneurship to build a bridge of communication with the school's business. " To provide students or social groups a direct platform for industry dialogue, LUPA international integration of the latest cutting-edge technology to create new and practical standardized courseware, promoting tutorial reform Chinese Teaching to support college students start their own businesses and flexible employment, is to solve our country "employment bottleneck" ideal model.
4. Create Software League
Create Software League since its inception in February 2000, the operation so far, to achieve a wide range of intellectual convergence through a flexible open-source strategy and efficient dissemination of results, and promote the rapid development and growth of innovative software technologies, promote China's software industry in the advanced mechanism Leaping Development. On the one hand, the full inheritance has invested hundreds of billions of dollars of open-source software developed internationally; on the other hand, national 863 plan for strategic orientation, R & D organizations have not yet, at the same time and the software needed to be integrated, in accordance with the rules of the League license be open. 863 to perform a number of new projects in the Environmental Alliance, the way the league license to manage and support these projects.
ChinaUnix.net (hereinafter referred to as CU) is to discuss a Linux / Unix-like operating system technology, software development technology, database technology and network application technology-based open source technology
Surgery community site. CU's aim is to give all interested in Linux / Unix technology, a friend of open source technology to provide a free, open and free exchange of space.
6, Red Flag Linux technical community
Red flag linux technical community is to allow more users to get a better user experience through technology community and the creation of community. Many enrollment, played a role in the promotion of technological innovation and a wide range of products to attract users.
PHPChina is a PHP-center for software developers who program open source technology enthusiasts website and exchange community. As the PHP language development company Zend Technology is the only authorized official website in Greater China, PHPChina also the official community Zend technical support center in China, but China each PHPer own open source community.
8, JAVA Chinese station
A veteran of the site offers plenty of information on JAVA, is one of the better java professional website, Friends of the J already has a considerable reputation.
9, JAVA World Chinese Forum
The community JAVA open source projects designed for discussion and research as such, includes almost all the popular open-source technology .
10, the open source community Atlanta
The school community is open source enthusiasts spontaneously established by Atlanta distributed and embedded systems laboratory organizational support aimed at application and development of open source software technology learning and research, advocacy and promotion of open source software, to create a good atmosphere for learning computer technology .

Foreign community

Kernel world center position is located in kernel.org, people here are engaged in open work courageous, because you can hardly find other similar sites.
Alpha processor in the Linux world is very popular in a long period of time Alpha is in dealing with people most willing to use high-performance computing Linux processor.
The main PowerPC community provide support for Mac computers using the PowerPC microprocessor, but also supports a number of IBM systems.
By HP PA-RISC processor family developed.
7、open office
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