A Robot Operating System (ROS) IDE, RoboWare

I want to experience IDE programming and I saw on the Internet that RoboWare is not bad, and it was developed by a company in Jinan, China, and has a Chinese version. So I wanted to give it a try, but I thought I could never log in to the official website, so I had no choice but to find GitHub. During this period, I also discovered that gitee requires logging in before downloading. No wonder there are so few people using it. Registration is mandatory since it is open source, which is not in line with the open source spirit. So let me complain.

The following is the GitHub address of RoboWare . Students who need it can search by themselves and get what they need:


(By the way, RoboWare is quite easy to use, and it should save a lot of work in early development)

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Origin blog.csdn.net/liuxhCSDN/article/details/93508625