openEuler officially open-source operating system

Recently, Euler operating system openEuler officially open source, mirrors and development test environment. Huawei said that as a preparation for the main square project, will gradually open technology accumulated in the field of ICT infrastructure software, the basic platform capability operating system, compiler / JDK and other areas of the open source community to openEuler.

Project Source Address:

openEuler project from Huawei server operating system EulerOS, named after the open source openEuler. According to the official website information, EulerOS common server architecture for enterprise-class platform, based on Linux stable kernel to support Kunpeng container processor and virtualization technology, the system features include high reliability, high security and high protection. Huawei introduced, EulerOS have three intelligent scheduling, multi-process may be complicated by the delay reduced by 60%, and there is also intelligent automatic programming, Web server can enhance performance 137%.

The open source, in addition to the standard components, openEuler community also spawned the A-Tune and iSula two open source components:

  • A-Tune is an intelligent performance optimization software systems, machine learning engine that is established through precise model for business applications, and then match the best combination of operating system configuration parameters based on intelligent traffic load, to achieve the overall efficiency of the system upgrade;
  • iSula is a primary lightweight containers cloud solutions, through a unified, flexible architecture to meet end ICT sector, while a variety of needs and cloud scene.

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