Java project based on Springboot--new crown epidemic statistics system

How to complete the design of the computer? How to write a thesis? How to answer the defense questions These should be the three most troublesome questions for all computer majors, and I will solve them for you at once today.

The first question: how to do Bi She?  The Springboot-based Java project new crown epidemic management system introduced today is the latest Java project, and it is very in line with the needs of the current society.

The second question: how to write the thesis? The paper actually explains what functions your system implements, and what tools are used to implement these functions in Java? The editor not only provides you with the source code of the new crown epidemic system, deployment documents and database Sql files, so that you can run the system yourself, but also provides system project operation videos and supporting courseware so that you can fully understand how the project is implemented from beginning to end. What are the functions implemented, so what are you still worried about in your thesis? At the same time, the answer questions are also questions related to your system, and of course there will be no questions. It is not ruled out that the defense will involve the basic knowledge of your own major. You can ask your seniors and sisters about this, and learn from it. (Reminder: The format of the thesis is very important. You can ask your supervisor for a standard format, and you can apply it. You must follow the standard format and there will be no problem.)

A good Java project is only meaningful if it can meet the current needs of the society. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the functions realized by the system.

[Complete design + thesis + defense are all done] source code + deployment documents + database tables, etc. let you run the system by yourself / courseware and project running video tell you how the functions are realized with Java tools--get your thesis and defense _哔哩哔哩_bilibili​ to cancel

Let’s take a look at the main interface of the system:

The first function: check-in function, check-in person's information, status addition, deletion, modification, query

The second function is the record of epidemic information: vaccination, accounting and testing, epidemic prevention materials

The third function: The management of epidemic personnel includes: the management of close contacts, the management of confirmed personnel, the management of cured cases and the management of dead personnel, adding, deleting, modifying and checking information.

The fourth function: realize the dynamic graph and pie chart to record the daily changes in the number of epidemic personnel

The above are all the functions realized by the whole system. Students who need the source code courseware and other materials of this project are welcome to private message me~

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