Awarded 500 million yuan D2 round of financing, star Central Technology to seek more development!

Star Central Technology recently announced the completion of D2 round of financing, financing amount of about 500 million yuan.

Which participate in the current round of investment, including well-known investment institutions to invest stone, the gold capital, and the Bohai Sea Sheng Industrial Investment Fund, which ring technology from Star D1 round of financing just more than six months have passed.


Star ring involved in science and technology two investment director, general manager of capital in gold Zhang Qing said: "Central Star Technology lasted six years, independent research and development in the core areas of infrastructure software, was used to reconstruct the distributed core software, a wide range of technology products distribution ring star covering the field of database each product category and can continue to maintain innovation and technology in gold capital as one of the private equity firms, is pleased to continue to participate in the star ring technology new round of financing. "Director Wang Lixin, general manager of BOC Mr said: "the arrival of the era of 5G will bring large-scale demand for big data processing and applications, and the company's deep plowing in the field of big data is to have access to a broader space for development."

On the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation forum on September 2 hosted pointed out that "basic research to determine a national scientific and technological innovation of the depth and breadth," "basic research unstable stand firm, stand firm is not strong, direct relationship the future development of China's science and technology innovation "and stressed:" basic research is no short cut to have a decade of focus on the spirit sword, dive down to the bench to sit hot. ".

After six years of technological development, science and technology star ring abandon outdated Hadoop architecture (in the narrow sense) to complete the reconstruction of a large data base of core software platform products help make container technology seamlessly links a private cloud, hybrid cloud computing and edge for the three to provide a unified computing platform, the full realization of integration of AI, cloud and big data, a full range of data to help users perform predictive analysis and efficient processing and accurate.

It is understood that in 2013 Central Star Technology was established to stop large enterprise data platform as the starting point, after every year, new technology, new product introductions. Star ring technology foundation analytical database, NOSQL database (including full self-developed search engine, map database) performance of the world, in the transactional database field layout for many years, covering the entire database product category, product category as a more comprehensive database software, data for enterprises of different scenarios to provide a full range of support.

Star Central Technology adhere to the "platform + Ecology" large-scale development strategy to build a large ecological "data-driven", to create similar like SAP and Oracle infrastructure software company. It is understood that companies already have more than 1600 users, covering finance, government, energy, transportation, education, manufacturing, operators, media and other more than 20 industries, and has completed a number of foreign products, migration and replacement. In the process of serving customers and partners is provided including product technical architecture training, design and optimization services, joint partners to create solutions that help customers use new technology to solve business pain points problems and achieve business value for our customers through data-driven business development to provide a solid infrastructure and product technical support.

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