D decisively won a $ 40 million round of financing, Rancher force Chinese localization and localization!

2020 March 17, the industry's broad management platform Kubernetes creator Rancher Labs (hereinafter referred to as Rancher) announced the completion of a new round of D round of financing of $ 40 million.

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The round was lead investor by the Telstra Ventures, existing investors Mayfield, Nexus Venture Partners, The Wealth of Nations Greenview Ventures (GRC SinoGreen) and F & G Ventures with the cast. One of Australia's Telstra Venture Investors telecommunications (Telstra Corporation) is Australia's largest telecommunications company, but also Rancher customers. Previously, Rancher won in July 2019 to $ 25 million Series C round of financing in 2016 to obtain $ 20 million B round of financing in 2015 to obtain $ 10 million A round of financing, financing a new round of financing to make Rancher total cumulative amount to 95 million dollars (more than 660 million yuan).

In this regard Rancher said the current round of financing to further promote continued product innovation, increase investment in Go-To-Market, as well as broadening Kubernetes limitless possibilities in new markets and industries.

Rancher founded in 2014, created by the parent CloudStack Leung wins, container industry enterprise management software provider that helps users to easily unified management of the data center, Kubernetes cloud clusters, branches and edges running. Thanks to the strong corporate demand for Kubernetes, and Rancher innovative and unique features and value propositions, 2019, Rancher global revenues grew 169%, the number of customers increased by 100%.

"This round of financing Again, investment institutions and technical strength Kubernetes Rancher market is full of confidence." Rancher Sheng Liang, co-founder and CEO, said: "As Linux in the early 2000s to become the standard data center, cloud and device as computing platform, we fully believe, Kubernetes rapid growth for 2020 will be cloudy and heterogeneous IT environments everywhere in the enterprise computing platform. "

Rancher, promote ubiquitous computing

Third-party statistical data firm 451 Research in Research indicates that by 2022, 76% of enterprises will adopt Kubernetes as a standard computing platform infrastructure. The data show that fully, Kubernetes will be the tallest and enterprise IT strategy and cloud native applications correlation platform.

Rancher Rancher's flagship product is the industry's most widely Kubernetes management platform, the world's total number of downloads of more than one hundred million times, with a well-known enterprise customers more than 40,000. In addition, Rancher around Kubernetes also conducted a series of ecological extension and exploration, which launched Rancher lightweight Kubernetes release k3s is the industry recognized edge Kubernetes the best solution. Where Rancher + k3s formed a Rancher "Kubernetes a Service (Kubernetes-as-a-Service)" solution stacks, will Kubernetes ability to extend from the data center, the cloud to the edge of the end, fully giving enterprise deployment Kubernetes on any infrastructure free.

In terms of products, Rancher will make continuous efforts to further Kubernetes become general-purpose computing standards, Kubernetes continuous innovation in key areas, including heterogeneous clusters Federation (heterogenous cluster federation), fleet management (fleet management) and edge computing environments Kubernetes landing Wait. More importantly, Rancher also by virtue of its own position in Kubernetes areas, cooperation with other leading technology companies, joint development in the field of 5G, digital factory, car networking, video surveillance and medical research on Kubernetes industry solutions, Kubernetes expand possibilities in new industries and new areas.

In the global expansion and team building, Rancher will expand the existing sales, marketing, finance, operations, customer success and customer support team. In addition, Rancher global distribution team currently covering 14 countries, the future will further expand the coverage of countries and cities in the territory geographically, to provide more professional technical services to global enterprise customers.

Particularly worth mentioning is the year 2019, Rancher business annual compound growth rate in the Greater China region beyond 300%, China is expected to become Kubernetes world's fastest growing enterprise market.

It is based on the Chinese market Kubernetes optimistic, Rancher was completed in February 2020, the Chinese localization and localization, from 1 March 2020, beginning in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan business Rancher, are Ltd. carried by the wholly owned companies in China cloud Che Rancher Information Technology (Shenzhen), and for Chinese enterprises to provide customers with the China enterprise Rancher products and Chinese version k3s edge computing platform.

Liang Sheng said that the future will Rancher solutions and team-building force in three directions, products, industry, provide the basis for a more compacted ground Kubernetes enterprises in a production environment.

Ventures Telstra , the unique "customer becomes investment capital people ."

Telstra (Telstra Corporation) to Rancher basis, to create a core of enterprise customer contact centers, customer network and customer service center. It is Telstra's success stories, as well as during Rancher exhibited strong technical strength attracted Telstra Ventures, making for Rancher had a strong interest.

Telstra Ventures As a world-renowned strategic venture capital firm that focuses on investing in market-leading products and has an excellent high-growth technology companies by the Australian telecommunications (Telstra Corporation), one of the world's top 20 telecom operators and the world's largest private equity one of funds HarbourVest two strategic investors together constitute. To invest in technology companies, including well-known open source libraries GitLab, enterprise cloud file management Box, DocuSign electronic signature authentication terminal and security platform CrowdStrike and so on.

"In addition to Google, Rancher company is one of the world's first far-reaching impact will be realized Kubernetes IT market. As we discussed early investment-related, Liang Sheng has said 'Kubernetes cloud computing has become the TCP / IP protocol role potential ', which is a very attractive and impressive description. "Telstra Venture responsible for the investment business investment partner Steve Schmidt exclaimed.

Like for like Telstra are deploying 5G's leading telecommunications companies, Rancher is undoubtedly very existence can not be ignored. "We believe, Rancher will play a unique role as a bridge in the direction of the Kubernetes introduced the 5G."

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On the other hand, Liang wins rich history and charm of technology in the cloud also contributed to another key element of Telstra Venture investment Rancher. As the world's leading venture capital firms, Telstra Ventures has been dedicated to finding world-class entrepreneurs. They believe that a world-class entrepreneurs to build great products, but also to successfully extend it to the market. "Our mission is to 'cooperation with the extraordinary people', after the contact beam wins, we firmly believe that he is a world-class entrepreneurs." Steve Schmidt added: "The more obvious that, Rancher is Liang wins its founding under the leadership of the team to excellence. "

As Rancher China CEO Qinxiao Kang concluded:. "Vessel technology and broad prospects in the new round of global technology innovation and applications are being gradually carried out, we are particularly optimistic to achieve localization and localized Rancher strong growth prospects for China in the new development stage and next-generation technology wave, Rancher China will also work with the majority of Chinese users and partners, practicing 'computing Everywhere' next-generation computing platform philosophy, continuous innovation of technology for Chinese customers the ability to protect digital information technology. "

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