TiDB developer PingCAP completes D round of US$270 million in financing

PingCAP announced the completion of a Series D financing of US$270 million.

Founded in 2015, PingCAP is a global enterprise-level open source distributed database manufacturer. Its core product TiDB is an open source distributed relational database, which is positioned in online transaction processing/online analytical processing (HTAP: Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing). ), compatible with MySQL protocol and ecology.

It is said that this financing has created a new milestone in the history of the global database. So far, PingCAP has raised a total of US$341.6 million. The last US$50 million Series C financing was completed in September last year .

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Origin www.oschina.net/news/120816/pingcap-raises-270-million-in-series-d-round