Jushan Database completed hundreds of millions of yuan in D round of financing, leading the development of financial-grade distributed databases

Jushan Database completed hundreds of millions of yuan in D round of financing, leading the development of financial-grade distributed databases

Jushan Database, a leader in financial-level distributed databases, has recently completed a series D financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. This round of financing was led by CICC Capital, followed by Yuanhe Zhongyuan and Yuexiu Industrial Fund.

Jushan Database is the first company in China to deploy distributed database products. Since its establishment in 2011, it has been insisting on using native distributed databases as its core products for 9 years, focusing on the financial industry. In 2017, Giant Sequoia Database became the first batch of domestic distributed databases selected into the Gartner database list. At present, the giant sequoia database has been widely used in more than one hundred financial companies, especially the core systems of banks, providing online data services with high concurrency and zero downtime for hundreds of applications.

In this regard, the lead investor in this round, Wang Lei, Managing Director of CICC Capital, said: “Distributed database is the core basic software of IT architecture for emerging enterprises in the data age, and is a major trend in database development. Today, enterprise-level service capabilities have become The core value that the capital market is most concerned about. The distributed database company Snowflake has just become the largest software IPO case in the U.S. stock market with a market capitalization of more than 70 billion. The value behind it does not only come from cloud native technology. The founding team of Snowflake comes from IBM, The founding team of traditional databases such as Oracle is born with enterprise-level software genes. At the same time, a large number of its revenue comes from large enterprises including the global top 500, and it shows steady and continuous growth, which fits the business value of enterprise-level service capabilities. From a technical point of view, Snowflake assists customers to get rid of the lock-in of a single cloud platform through cross-cloud distributed capabilities. Overall, the team background, business model and product direction of Snowflake and Jusen Database are very similar, especially for Jusen Database. More than 80% of the database's revenue comes from leading financial industry customers. We are fully confident that the giant sequoia database will continue to lead the Chinese database industry, and we hope that the giant sequoia database will be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board as soon as possible. "

The co-investor of this round of investment, Yuanhe Zhongyuan is a market-oriented platform for PE investment in the Yuanhe holding system, focusing on industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things. For this investment, Yao Hua, a partner of Yuanhe Zhongyuan, said: " Technology ecology is the cornerstone of basic software. Currently, more than 10,000 people have passed the certification of Giant Sequoia Database Engineers. The scale exceeds traditional databases such as IBM DB2 and becomes the largest in the country. One of the distributed database communities. From an industry perspective, we have insisted on 100% independent research and development of the kernel for 9 years, making the giant sequoia database take root in the financial banking industry with the highest standards for security, stability, and performance, and continue to blossom and bear fruit in large banks. In terms of the number of customers and coverage, Jushan has become a leader in distributed databases in the banking and financial industry. We will coordinate the high-quality resources of the Yuanhe system to empower the Jusen database. We also look forward to the cooperation of the Jushan database with nearly 100 upstream and downstream companies. Partners, carry out a more extensive layout in the field of distributed database technology ecology."

The co-investor of this round of investment, Yuexiu Industrial Fund, stated: “ As a leading industrial capital operator in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, we expect and will assist Jushan Database to participate in the informatization construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay The technological software strength of the Bay Area. The Jushan database supports flexible expansion, engine-level multi-mode, and multi-cloud deployment capabilities on the infrastructure, leading the overall technical direction of the domestic distributed database industry. In the future, it will also be able to combine the advantages of various local industries , To accelerate the integration of industry and information technology, and use technology to drive the innovative growth of local new infrastructure."

Wang Tao, the co-founder of Jushan Database, said: “The achievements and market position of Jushan Database today are inseparable from the hard work of the entire team over the past nine years. We have continued to adhere to customer-centric, technology-based, and market-oriented efforts. Orientation, to create the world's top new generation of distributed database products. For a long time, Jushan Database has been adhering to the product iteration idea of ​​"promoting one generation, developing one generation, planning one generation". We will officially release version 5.0 on October 22, and It is ready to launch version 6.0 in the same period next year. At the same time, we will continue to expand business boundaries and strengthen the layout of securities, insurance, communications, and other areas of government. The development of the distributed database technology industry needs a leader, and the giant sequoia database is a domestic precipitation The distributed database vendor with the longest time and the most customers in the financial industry will work hand in hand with all customers and industry partners to deepen the fertile ground for data !"

The previous rounds of investors of Jusen Database, including Qiming Venture Capital, DCM and Harvest Investment, have affirmed the rapid growth of Jusen Database over the years, and hope that Jusen Database will further consolidate its leading position in the financial industry and become more Leaders in the field.

Jushan Database completed hundreds of millions of yuan in D round of financing, leading the development of financial-grade distributed databases

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