Domestic operating system installed UOS first experience

Domestic operating system installed UOS first experience

First, Download

Second, the installation experience

It is the depth of feeling deepin updated version of a V20

1. Create a virtual machine in VMware.

Snapshot 0.jpg

Select system Linux, version select Ubuntu 64 Wei

Snapshot 1.jpg

Snapshot 3.jpg

It must be greater than 64G hard disk

Snapshot 4.jpg

2. Install UOS

Start the virtual machine

Snapshot 5.jpg

Snapshot 6.jpg

Snapshot 7.jpg

Snapshot 8.jpg

Select the overall installation

Snapshot 9.jpg

Display case of default partition

Snapshot 10.jpg

Snapshot 11.jpg

Snapshot 12.jpg

The installation is complete

Snapshot 13.jpg

Restart the computer

Snapshot 14.jpg

Snapshot 15.jpg

Set the user name and password, the computer name and the root password

Snapshot 16.jpg

Snapshot 17.jpg

Snapshot 18.jpg

Snapshot 19.jpg

Snapshot 20.jpg

Snapshot 21.jpg

Lower left corner of the launcher

Snapshot 22.jpg

Set up

Snapshot 23.jpg


Snapshot 24.jpg

App store, but can not be used after installation

Snapshot 25.jpg

Third, the process can not be used in the app store

To ensure the application store can be used, the user must log in before they can use the account to cooperate, that need to be registered and logged in application store.

Or the application store into source deep1015, so you do not need to login.

Specific operation is as follows:

1. Start menu to find and open the terminal, enter


Then root password is entered, to root

Snapshot 26.jpg

Snapshot 27.jpg

2. Switch to  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

Enter the command cd  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

3. Establish deepin.list file

Enter the command vim  deepin.list

Enter the following

deb [trusted=yes] stable main contrib non-free #deb-src deb stable main

Enter: wq save and exit

Snapshot 28.jpg

Snapshot 29.jpg

4. Back to the input terminal apt-get update and return, and so the updated input again apt-get upgrade, ENTER again.

Snapshot 30.jpg


Reopen App Store, it should be properly used.


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