The Dragon Lizard community has added 100+ partners, and leading companies such as Baota, Dongfangtong, and Baode have joined

Since the Dragon Lizard Community launched the "Dragon Plan" in December 2021, it has received positive feedback and support from companies and has added 100+ partner companies in more than two months . Among them, there are many leading manufacturers in various fields, such as Meditation Software , a 20-year-old manufacturer , Baota, a well-known server operation and maintenance manufacturer, and Baode , a leading machine manufacturer . The Dragon Lizard community has always adhered to the principle of "neutrality and openness" and continues to sincerely invite all enterprises to join, and gradually cooperates from multiple perspectives such as compatibility and adaptation, technical cooperation, commercial version distribution, and operational activities.

Since January this year, more than 100 companies have signed the CLA agreement and joined the Dragon Lizard community, including:
  • Security vendor: Geer Software has been deeply involved in the cryptographic industry for 23 years. It is one of the first manufacturers in China to develop and launch PKI public key infrastructure products, and one of the first in China to pass the review of the State Cryptography Administration, support the SM2 algorithm, and a provincial-level electronic authentication service organization. Construction unit;Haitai Fangyuanis an enterprise in the security field with full cryptographic capabilities and trusted data governance as the core, and comprehensively serving the era of cyberspace.

  • Database vendor: NTUthat have beenlargescale in the financial and telecommunications industries;, middleware, chips, servers and various application software products have completed compatibility, adaptation and mutual authentication. The cumulative number exceeds 200, and the production business scale of more than 100 large banks and financial institutions has been launched and the total number of users has exceeded 1,000.

  • Middleware manufacturer: Dongfangtongtakes "independent innovation, security and intelligence" as the core concept, and creates two major product systems of efficient and reliable basic software and industry security, which strongly supports customers' infrastructure and application security construction and helps more customers. Realize business innovation, data sharing and value mining;Baolandhas implemented many benchmark projects in the middleware field, and the industry demonstration effect continues to be prominent. Products and technical solutions are widely used in operators' core business support systems, government affairs, finance, energy, transportation and other fields of national economy and people's livelihood.

  • Cloud computing manufacturers: Pingo sharesaround the "industry + cloud" development strategy, and has established a product research and development system with cloud computing technology as the core and industry and market demand as the driving force, and has successfully served nearly 900 companies in 29 provinces and cities across the country.sized government and enterprise customers;Baodewith its advanced technology and unique comprehensive software and hardware strength, has been ranked among the top five in China and the top nine in the world for many years in a row.

(Picture/Part of the company to join the official announcement map)
OpenAnolis cooperates with major software and hardware manufacturers to actively carry out adaptation work, focusing on displaying the compatibility and adaptation of software and hardware in different dimensions, fully releasing the potential of hardware and activating the software ecosystem. At present, Anolis OS has completed compatibility, adaptation and product certification with ZStack, Baota, Dameng, Dongfangtong, Feiteng, Zhaoxin and other software and hardware products. Performance and other aspects are good, the operation is stable and safe, and it can meet the needs of users . (The official website of the dragon lizard has displayed the list of these enterprises, welcome to check, the link is at the end of the article)

One-time adaptation, applicable to the entire network. Really only need to adapt to the dragon lizard operating system (Anolis OS ), it can ensure compatibility with all OS manufacturers, machine manufacturers, hardware manufacturers, and chip manufacturers, and expand the ecology to the maximum. In addition, we will give priority to integrating community solutions and providing independent support service systems for partners who join the Dragon Lizard community. At the same time, more companies joined the community to participate in the live broadcast of the "Longli Lecture Hall" technology series jointly launched by the Longli Community and InfoQ , with an average viewing volume of 6,000+ per game, covering 20,000+ people, and interacting with nearly 100 developers .

(Picture/ Technical live broadcast of some Dragon Lizard Lecture Halls in the past)

As the first community in China to publicly call out "10-year technical support for the dragon lizard operating system" , the dragon lizard community and the dragon lizard operating system have also won a number of industry recognitions. Just in February, the dragon lizard operating system and the dragon lizard community were listed on the 2021 "Science and Technology China" open source innovation list hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology . This is the industry's recognition of the dragon lizard, and it is the driving force for the dragon lizard to move forward.

Joint official announcement, compatibility and adaptation, technology sharing... In 2022, there will be more activities in the dragon lizard , and we will continue to build the "Dragon lizard Lecture Hall" and enter the director series of technical salons , and will also collaborate with more developer communities to create a series of activities, and these activities and publicity resources will be given priority to partners. In addition, the online live broadcast of "Dragon Lizard Lecture Hall" is also soliciting topics in March. Welcome to our event assistant @龙丽-小龙 (WeChat ID: openanolis_assis) to make an appointment .
The "Dragon Plan" of the Dragon Lizard Community is still going on, and we look forward to more companies joining us in our joint construction.

"Dragon Plan" Enterprise Incentive Details: "Dragon Plan" is launched! Invite 500 companies to join and embrace the infinite ecology with the Dragon Lizard community

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龙蜥社区OpenAnolis)是由企事业单位、高等院校、科研单位、非营利性组织、个人等在自愿、平等、开源、协作的基础上组成的非盈利性开源社区。龙蜥社区成立于 2020 年 9 月,旨在构建一个开源、中立、开放的Linux 上游发行版社区及创新平台。

龙蜥社区成立的短期目标是开发龙蜥操作系统(Anolis OS)作为 CentOS 停服后的应对方案,构建一个兼容国际 Linux 主流厂商的社区发行版。中长期目标是探索打造一个面向未来的操作系统,建立统一的开源操作系统生态,孵化创新开源项目,繁荣开源生态。

目前,龙蜥OS 8.4已发布,支持 X86_64 、Arm64、LoongArch 架构,完善适配飞腾、海光、兆芯、鲲鹏、龙芯等芯片,并提供全栈国密支持。





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