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If I had three million long-tsung is scheduled to vote will vote, could I ask what rhythm, quantity, duration scheduled to vote to a better arrangement?


To 3 million, I'd suggest you can use some other hybrid strategy:

  1. I still recommend eating futures premium strategy as the preferred, although the discount has narrowed sharply, but because you need only about 25% of the deposit, the remaining funds can come up with money to buy funds, banks T + 0 Money, as there are enhanced benefits. For example, 3 million capital reserve into the stock market, it can directly open hand 2 ic index, as the end positions, so there is a market value of about 2.2 million.
  2. To be able to control their own stock accounts under each ID card to buy 150 000 +10 Wan Shanghai stock market in Shenzhen as a substrate dozen new warehouse.
  3. The remaining funds, invested for a long time and then given in combination Cong. Long Cong combination of at least need to follow more than three years of fixed investment holding period to plan, you can put money into 20 parts, cast a week to complete positions.

This combination was chosen, in order to take advantage of the size of funds. Cong long main compartment is a combination of the current CSI 500 enhanced, but if you can open the index, then the index is actually CSI 500 enhanced, and can be enhanced to ensure that gains made more definite, and therefore can hold their own futures instead. A shares hit new revenue is good, and therefore should at least be able to control their own securities account utilized. Other idle money, you can talk to cast long Cong combination. Index hit a new strategy and transfer positions to lighten up the timing of the end positions, and will refer to long Cong.


A shares because they can play as a new ticket, mobility (30% of our retail investors contributed 80% of trading volume), low transaction costs, tax incentives (no capital gains tax, lower dividend tax), and therefore more expensive than Hong Kong stocks .

Consider the best long-held retail stocks configured 150 000 +10 Wan Shanghai stock market in Shenzhen, a priority dividend shares. If you can collect four identity cards to play the new A-share together, you can consider playing the new A50 hedging strategy.

But playing the new A50 hedge only Haoshi in more IPO month, more than 1 million of assets can be considered gold futures hedge.

Today the bank sector valuation quintile 19.4%, the figure was 25 percent last week, showing that the transfer of funds. Bank stocks like dividends, is excellent playing the new ticket, so the time is ripe to consider the configuration.

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