To develop smart socks for diabetic patients, [Siren] received $3.4 million in financing

Recently, Siren, a micro-sensor textile company based in San Francisco, USA, announced the completion of a $3.4 million seed round of financing from DCM, Khosla Ventures and Founders Fund.  

Founded in 2015, Siren just recently launched its first product, smart socks for diabetics. This sock is made of neural fabric material with patented technology. By connecting the footstep monitoring system and the supporting APP, the wearer's sole temperature can be monitored, and the foot inflammation can be warned in time before the foot ulcer caused by diabetes occurs.

To develop smart socks for diabetic patients, [Siren] received $3.4 million in financing

Diabetic foot is the most common, serious, and expensive complication of diabetes, which can lead to foot ulcers and amputation in severe cases. But in the past, there has been a lack of a means of continuous monitoring to detect these serious problems.  

Ran Ma, CEO and co-founder of Siren, said that the god-level fabrics developed by Siren can be used in medical, sports, military, and fashion fields. However, the company chose to start by solving the specific problem of diabetic foot because it Affecting many diabetic patients, it means whether they will lose a leg.

Because the tiny sensors of this neural fabric textile are embedded directly into the fabric, the material can be produced cheaply and efficiently on standard industrial equipment. In addition, clothing made of this material, like other clothing, does not feel strange when worn.

Siren Smart Socks provide the wearer with continuous, all-day, clinical-grade temperature monitoring. Through the APP or web terminal, the wearer can check the current temperature measured at six points on the foot, and send a push notification or text message to the user when the indicator is detected to rise.

The socks themselves are machine washable and tumble dry and do not require charging. Currently, customers can pre-order on a monthly basis for $19.99 per month, which includes a companion app, live online support, and 5 pairs of socks shipped every 6 months.

Diabetic foot has always been a major problem that medical technology companies want to solve. In addition to Siren, Orpyx, a medical technology company founded in 2010, is selling connected insoles that help detect numbness in patients' feet. Recently, Sensoria Health and Optima Molliter also announced a smart shoe that reduces weight on the wearer's foot and notifies the care team when something goes wrong.

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