RDIFramework.NET agile development framework ━ workflow component Web service platform

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RDIFramework.NET agile development framework ━ workflow components Introduction

RDIFramework.NET agile development framework ━ workflow components WinForm business platform

1, RDIFramework.NET workflow components Introduction

RDIFramework.NET workflow component is RDIFramework.NET agile framework for support, based on our years of experience in project and project practices, combined with major domestic work flow characteristics of the products developed set of process management components. This component not only take into account the business system built from scratch, but also taking into account the integration with existing business systems. We can build a system from scratch using basic RDIFramework.NET agile framework to quickly build business systems. Integration with existing systems, our process engine provides a feature-rich interface for business tripartite system calls, and provide all-source components to integrate user-friendly. RDIFramework.NET workflow components using SOA architecture model, the process engine can be accessed through the service. Support B / S, C / S system, supports SQLServer, ORACLE, MySql mainstream database.

Workflow components

RDIFramework.NET━ workflow component mainly covers the design and definition of the workflow, monitoring and management to initiate a process instance is running, business process integration and collaboration workflow components and business system and so on. 

2, Web Business Collaboration Platform

We visualize the process design by process designer, you can transfer operational processes through workflow engine.

The following figure is a Web Designer RDIFramework.NET process workflow components of our process design and support Web WinForm.

Web Process Designer

Business collaboration platform is a workflow system interacts with the user's work platform, all business forms through the platform to show users deal with daily business on the platform (start the task, handling tasks, view task involved, view the process status). Users do not have to care about how the process flow, just to properly handle their own business forms, the task will automatically transfer to the next handler according to the conditions. RDIFramework.NET V3.5 version of the business collaboration platform for a new reconstruction, with a new interface, if you need a previous version V3.5 of business collaboration platform you can click Web Reference: RDIFramework.NET V3.5 previous version work Web services platform, process components

2.1.1 daily business

"Daily business" main module shows a list of the currently logged on user business processes that can be started. Process Engine automatically loaded automatically processes the list based on the current user can initiate business processes to "Available operations" tree. "Everyday activities" module main interface as shown below:

Daily business

In the "Available services" list to select a category, we need to start on the right choice of business processes, click "Start Task", you can start a task, as shown below, we launched the "staff leave the process."

Start Task interface

In the "Start Task" main interface, the form displays a list of all the sub-list form the main form for the user to input the necessary information for each form.

RDIFramework.NET workflow component supports multiple business forms, in some approval process may need to show multiple business forms, which can be well supported in our workflow components.

2.1.2, any unclaimed # Service

Pre-processing tasks, you must first claim the task. Tasks to claim "task for the owner" primary interface for the owner, as shown in FIG. Click on "Claim Task" can be claimed for the selected task select the task awaiting identification of unclaimed task into the "to-do" list. We can also carry out exact or fuzzy search by business name and mission time.

Unclaimed task interface

2.1.3, to-do tasks

"To-do" module is where we really deal with business, has claimed the task will enter into the "to-do" list, here we can search by condition to-do tasks, deal with the selected task, give up claim to the selected task flowchart view the selected task, the task process to view the selected record. Upcoming main task interface is shown below:

To-do the main interface, handling tasks

In the "to-do" window, select a task click "processing task" to open "processing task" main interface, "processing task" command button provided above the interface is in accordance with the current task node as shown in FIG. dynamically generated, business forms list is displayed automatically depending on the configuration.

1 interface processing tasks

2 interface processing tasks

The bottom button will automatically generates a configuration of nodes of the current task workflow processing interface, such as: "assignment", "dynamically assigned next processing" and "return to modify XXX", "abandon adopt" and the like.

"Assign" command button:

Tasks assigned function when you need to assign someone else to deal with, assignment rules:

  • 1, can only claim the task assigned, by assigning the task to reach the accused will send the unclaimed task, the original handler instance tag has been assigned to deal with someone.

  • 2, sent if the accused does not accept the task assigned, can claim to give up the task.

  • 3, can only be assigned to a specific person, the original deal with people can continue to handle the task after the assignment.

  • 4, had been assigned the task can be assigned again.

Click on "Assignment" command button to open the "task assignment" window, as shown below, to select a user-determined.

Assigned task

"The next task processing designated person" command button, click the Select Users button to open the "Select User" window, as shown below:

Users select, cancel claim

In the "to-do" the main interface, you can give up claim to have claimed the task, giving up after entering the unclaimed unclaimed task task list.

Give up claim, see the flow chart

In the "to-do" the main screen, selecting a task, click on the "Show flowchart", to view the selected task flow implementation of FIG graphically illustrated as follows:

View flowchart

In the process execution state diagram showing the color node has gone through the process, not through the process gray node, the process can clearly see the location and routed through the rear of the flowchart., handling record

In the "to-do" the main screen, selecting a task, click on the "recording process", the recording to view the selected task processing, as follows:

Flow processing record, print

Print feature to print the current to-do task list, as shown below:

Print to-do list

2.1.4, completed tasks

Completion of task processing proceeds to the "task" list, as shown in FIG. In the completed tasks module can query by the conditions completed tasks, view the selected tasks, view task flow charts.

The main interface has completed the task, view task

Select a task in the "task" list, click "View tasks" button, you can view the details of the selected task, the form contains a list of business tasks, flow processing, the approval list, approval form and so on.

Select "process handling of" process information flow can be viewed, as shown below:

Completed tasks - handling of the process

Completed tasks - Process handling of 1

In the above window, for the task has been submitted in the case pending user unclaimed, you can click "withdraw Modify" button to reprocess completed tasks., see the flow chart

In the "task" main interface, to select a task, click on the "Show flowchart", to view the selected task flow implementation of FIG graphically illustrated as follows:

Completed tasks - process execution state diagram

2.1.5, process monitoring

Process monitoring module used for monitoring the implementation of the main flow, a flow of displaying different colors on the screen several states, such as: has not been performed, is being handled, the normal end. Process monitoring in the main interface, we can combine search terms of business processes, but also can view the status of selected business processes and process records. Process monitoring the main interface as shown below:

Process Monitoring

2.1.6, I participated in the task

I participated in the task window lists the tasks list of all currently logged-on user participation, we can see the task of treated here but also can view the task flow chart to understand the process of implementation.

I participated in the task

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