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Added post management-WinForm part


  The post (position) management module mainly manages the posts (positions) of the organization, including: adding, modifying, deleting, moving, setting users for posts, setting permissions for posts, etc. Post management is a commonly used module in enterprise applications, and it is also the basis of other business applications, especially in the flow of business processes. Reasonable organization and planning of positions under the organizational structure can have a multiplier effect on the later management.

  After logging in to the system, select "Post Management" to enter the post management module.

  The main interface of the post (position) management module is shown in the following figure:

 1. Add jobs

  Click the "Add" button to open the "Add Post" interface, as shown in the figure, the number and name are not allowed to be repeated and are required.

  In the Add Post window, we can select the members (user list) owned by the current post, and click "..." after "Members" to open the "User Selection" window, as shown in the figure.  


 2. Modify the position  

  We can modify the existing positions (positions), as shown in the figure.

  3. Delete the post  

  Unnecessary posts can be deleted, here we are logical deletion. Posts that have been deleted are no longer valid.

  4. Mobile jobs  

  Changes of positions also happen from time to time. At this time, we don’t need to modify the operation, just move it directly, which is convenient and fast. Click on the move position, and select the organization to be moved to the pop-up, as shown in the figure.

 5. Post user settings

  When adding and editing a post, we can set the user of the post. After the addition or editing is successful, you can also click "User" on the main interface of "Post Management" to set the association of the post user. as the picture shows.

  6. Post permission settings

  In the post permission setting interface, we can set the accessible modules (menus) and the operation permissions for the selected post. as the picture shows.


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