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NFine speed WEB + ORM framework is based on C # language, the core design goal is to develop rapid, less code, learn simple, powerful, lightweight, easy to expand, make Web development faster and easier. We can solve 60% of the duplication of work. Saves you more time to accompany lovers, family and friends. Easy development, focus on your business, from NFine start.


  • NFine is set based on ASP.NET MVC + EF6 + Bootstrap framework developed, the source code is completely open source, can help you solve C # .NET project and 68% of rework, developers away from overtime.

  • Use Apache License 2.0 protocol, mainstream framework, easy to use, easy to learn, learn low cost. It can be fully realized secondary development, to meet the basic needs of 80% of the project.

  • .NET project can help solve 70% of the duplication of work, allowing developers to pay more attention to business logic. Both quickly improve development efficiency, helping companies save on labor costs, at the same time without losing flexibility.

  • Support SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, Access and other database types. Modular design, a clear hierarchy. Built-in basis function range of enterprise information management.

  • Operating authority precise and meticulous control, all management links are verified permissions, you can control the navigation menus, function buttons.

  • Data permissions (refined data access control, to control row-level, grade list, form field level to achieve different people see different data, different people operating in different fields on the same page

  • Improve development efficiency and quality. Commonly used type of packaging, logging, caching, authentication, dictionary, documents, mail ,, Excel. Etc., currently compatible browser (IE8 +, Chrome, Firefox, 360 browser, etc.)

  • Scope: can develop OA, ERP, BPM, CRM, WMS, TMS, MIS, BI, electronic business platform backstage, logistics management system, courier management system, educational management system and other management software.

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NFine Developer Information:

  • System Name: NFine rapid development platform
  • System of: NFine team
  • Author QQ: 2717247167
  • QQ exchange group: 549 652 099
  • Date: May 6, 2016
  • Copyright: NFine development team produced
  • Official Website: http: //
  • Open source licenses: Apache License 2.0
  • System Description: easy development, focus on your business, start from NFine


NFine Screenshots:

NFine technical presentations:

  • 1, front-end technology

  • JS framework: jquery-2.1.1, Bootstrap.js, JQuery UI

  • CSS framework: Bootstrap v3.3.4 (stable is the background, UI area needs upgrading according to reform their own right).

  • Client Authentication: jQuery Validation Plugin 1.9.0.

  • Online Editor: ckeditor, simditor

  • Upload file: Uploadify v3.2.1

  • Dynamic tab: Jerichotab (own transformation)

  • Data Table: jqGrid, Bootstrap Talbe

  • Dialog: layer-v2.3

  • Drop-down selection box: jQuery Select2

  • Tree controls: jQuery zTree, jQuery wdtree

  • Page Layout: jquery.layout.js 1.4.4

  • Chart plug-in: echarts, highcharts

  • Date Controls: My97DatePicker

  • 2, back-end technology

  • The core framework: ASP.NET MVC5, WEB API

  • Persistence framework: EntityFramework 6.0

  • Timing scheduled task: Quartz.Net components

  • Security Support: filter, the Sql injection, request forgery

  • Server-side validation: solid model validation own package Validator

  • Caching framework: Microsoft's own Cache, Redis

  • Log management: Log4net, login log, operation log

  • Tools: NPOI, Newtonsoft.Json, verification code, similar to enrich public

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