RDIFramework.NET ━ .NET Rapid Information System Development Framework V3.2->Web Version Workflow Part of the Business Processing Interface and Viewing Interface New Display

  The RDIFramework.NET workflow component is supported by the RDIFramework.NET framework, a set of process management components developed based on our years of project experience and project practice, combined with the characteristics of major domestic workflow products. This component not only considers building a business system from scratch, but also considers integration with existing business systems. To build a system from scratch, we can use the RDIFramework.NET framework to quickly build a business system. To integrate with the existing system, our process engine provides rich functional interfaces for three-party business system calls, and provides all the source code of the components to facilitate users to integrate. The RDIFramework.NET workflow component adopts the SOA architecture mode, and the process engine supports WCF access. Support B/S, C/S systems, and support mainstream databases such as SQLServer, ORACLE, MySQL, etc. RDIFramework.NET-workflow components mainly cover the design and definition of workflow, the initiation and operation of process instances, the monitoring and management of business processes, the integration and collaboration of workflow components and business systems, etc.

  The workflow of the framework has been completely modified in the processing interface in version 3.2. The interfaces such as starting tasks, processing tasks, and viewing tasks are all opened in the Tab tab. After opening, the display interface is also completely modified, which is more beautiful and standardized.

  In the daily business window, select the task we need to start, and click the "Start task" window to open the start task window in the Tab tab, as shown in the following figure:


    The layout of the entire interface is more refreshing, and each functional display area is freely folded and displayed. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the start task window to automatically submit the current task to the next node handler according to the configuration of our process engine. As shown in the figure below, the task has been submitted to "Chen Junxi":

  We log in with the user name of "Chen Junxi" and enter the to-do task window, as shown in the figure below, we can see that the leave application just now has been submitted.


  In the To-Do Tasks window, click Process Tasks to open the Process Tasks window as shown in the following figure:

  When processing a large number of task window forms, we can fold and display them, as shown in the following figure:

  For completed tasks, we can view the tasks as shown in the image below:



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