RDIFramework.NET ━ .NET rapid information system development framework V3.2->User management module adds "reset user password" function

      No matter what system login users have forgotten their passwords, they cannot enter the system if they forget their passwords. The system should provide the ability to reset user passwords. The function of resetting user passwords in our framework is generally done by the user administrator. Of course, if it is complicated, it can be reset by the user (eg, through email, SMS, etc.). RDIFramework.NET V3.2 added a new service interface for user reset password for calling, and added a "reset password" function in the "User Management" module of the framework Web and WinForm versions respectively. After the user forgets the password, he only needs to notify the administrator, and let the administrator's general user management module reset the user's password to the system default password.

     The module password of the framework is stored in the "DefaultPassword" configuration section of the configuration file. The default value is abcd1234. The administrator can set your own default password according to the actual situation.

    The service interface for resetting user password is:

RDIFrameworkService.Instance.LogOnService.SetPassword(UserInfo userInfo, string[] userIds, string password, out string statusCode, out string statusMessage);

   The “Reset Password” function of the web user management interface is shown in the following figure:

   The "Reset Password" function of the Winform user management interface can be accessed through the "Set Password" function on the main interface of the "User Management", as shown in the following figure:

  In the "Set User Password" interface, you can set the desired password separately, or you can set it as the system default password, so that the administrator can manage it very conveniently.


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