ArchSummit Global Architect Summit (Shenzhen Station) 2019 will soon open!

ArchSummit InfoQ China Global Summit is the architect team launched the high-end technology managers, architects Technology Conference, participants in more than 50% have more than 8 years of experience. ArchSummit adhering to the "first practice, case-based" principle, to showcase new technology for the newest practices in the industry applications, accelerate business transformation in the role of technology in helping enterprise technology managers, CTO, Architect good technology selection, technical team building and management, and established a key role for technology products and services.

Conference Name: ArchSummit Shenzhen 2019 General Assembly

Meeting time: July 2019 12-13

Training time: July 2019 14-15

Venue: Sheraton Shenzhen, China · China

Conference Highlights:

Number of participants 1000+

Senior technical experts proportion of 79%

200+ participating companies

Producer speakers and 100+

More than 10 years of development experience 90%

Speech topics:

After the era of micro-services architecture

Application intelligence and thinking end

Data storage & database

Typical Architecture Design Case

Human-Computer Interaction



Depth training

ArchSummit global summit architects invited domestic and foreign experts to provide technical training Workshop, focus on big data, micro-services, technology management and other hot topics, share practical experience which systematic, open your mind.

ArchSummit Global Architect Summit (Shenzhen Station) on the 24th June 2019 registration 10% discount, for more details, you can learn by activist:

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