Open Source Empowers Inclusive Future | iSoftStone Message from 2023 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit

As an enabler of enterprise digital transformation, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "iSoftStone") has always embraced the bright vision of open source and win-win, and actively participated in the construction of open source ecology. From the perspective of industrialization, Joint industry participants to jointly cultivate the open source system.

iSoftStone is a platinum donor of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") . As a co-construction unit of the OpenHarmony project group , the subsidiary Honghu Wanlian has completed the adaptation of a variety of mainstream chips and OpenHarmony under the PC-side X86 architecture, and has applied OpenHarmony vehicle terminals, Zhixing gates, OpenHarmony mining equipment, and SwanLinkOS. "City Kaihong" and other industrial cases. As a gold donor of the openEuler project group and a member of the openEuler community council , he released the Tianhe operating system based on openEuler, and completed compatibility mutual certification with many manufacturers. In terms of services, a one-stop service standard process has been formulated, and the iTools one-stop service tool chain has been released. At the same time, iSoftStone adheres to the integration of production and education, empowers the cultivation of open source talents , provides four-in-one open source talent training products and solutions of "on-the-job competition certificate", and continues to develop courses, teaching materials, and practice manuals. Digital technology perfected the assessment system, and connected and launched the "i Tongxue" test platform developed by it with the openEuler community.

iSoftStone will continue to work hand in hand with the Foundation to contribute to the positive cycle of the open source ecosystem.

iSoftStone wishes the 2023 Open Atom Global Open Source Summit a complete success!

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